Surface Pro 9 vs Surface Pro 10

14th April 2024

When it comes to versatile and powerful 2-in-1 devices, Microsoft’s Surface Pro line-up has been a popular choice among professionals and creative individuals alike.

With the recent release of the Surface Pro 10, users are faced with a choice between upgrading to the latest model or sticking with the tried-and-tested Surface Pro 9.

Let’s delve into the key differences between these two iterations to help you make an informed decision.

Processing Power

Equipped with Intel i5 and i7 processors, the Surface Pro 9 delivers robust performance suitable for everyday computing tasks and demanding applications.

The Surface Pro 10 takes a leap forward with the introduction of Intel Core Ultra 5 and Core Ultra 7 processors. These new chips not only promise enhanced performance but also excel in running AI software, making the device future-proof for evolving technological demands.


The Surface Pro 9 offers 5G options, ensuring seamless connectivity for users who require high-speed internet on the go. While the Surface Pro 10 doesn’t have a 5G model yet, this is projected to be released later on in the year.

 Additionally, both devices feature Thunderbolt 4 connectors, providing versatile connectivity options for peripherals and external displays.

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Display Quality

Microsoft has stepped up the display game with the Surface Pro 10, boasting a 33% brighter screen with a higher contrast ratio and anti-reflective coating.

This enhancement translates to improved visibility and readability, especially in brightly lit environments or outdoor settings.

Accessibility Features

Microsoft has made strides in enhancing accessibility with the Surface Pro 10’s new Surface keyboard design.

Featuring a bold keyset with larger font, the keyboard improves usability for individuals with visual impairments or those who prefer a more prominent key layout.

Additionally, the inclusion of a Copilot key streamlines navigation and accessibility functions, catering to a diverse range of users.

Camera and Multi-media Capabilities

One of the standout features of the Surface Pro 10 is its new ultrawide studio camera. With a 114-degree field of view and the ability to capture video in stunning 1440p resolution, this camera elevates the device’s multimedia capabilities to new heights.

Moreover, the integration of AI-powered Windows Studio effects adds a creative dimension to video conferencing and content creation, enhancing user productivity and expression.

Surface Pro 9 vs Surface Pro 10: The Verdict

In summary, while the Surface Pro 9 remains a reliable option with its proven performance and connectivity features, the Surface Pro 10 introduces significant upgrades across processing power, display quality, and accessibility.

With cutting-edge Intel Core Ultra processors, enhanced display quality, and innovative features like the ultra-wide studio camera and Copilot key, the Surface Pro 10 represents a compelling choice for users seeking a premium 2-in-1 experience that is both future-proof and accessible.

Ultimately, the decision between the Surface Pro 9 and Surface Pro 10 will depend on individual preferences, priorities, and budget considerations.