How to Add an MDM Server to Apple Business Manager

6th February 2021
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Apple Business Manager can be seamlessly integrated with your Mobile Device Management server.

Your business can then easily automate device purchasing and deployment, management of employee roles, and distribution of necessary content and applications.

Another crucial benefit of adding your Mobile Device Management server to your Apple Business Manager account is that your company will gain better control of its devices.

How Does ABM and an MDM Provide More Control for Business Owners?

By using an MDM and Apple Business Manager, you can:

  • Control access and permissions.
  • Manage administrative roles.
  • Monitor and even restrict application usage.
  • Measure compliance.
  • Lock or wipe a device that has been lost or stolen.

Why is Greater Control of Your Remote Hardware Essential for Businesses?

Cyber security is a top priority, particularly with the large increase in remote working.

Allowing staff to work from home is essential during the pandemic, but it can also increase productivity and lead to greater quality of life for employees.

However, despite the advantages, there is, unfortunately, a major drawback to staff working from home for business owners. Remote working has led to a national increase in business data breaches.

Outdated hardware and software on home computers and human error are the major culprits. In fact, 24% of company data breaches happen due to human error.

While working from home is safer and profitable for businesses long term, it does increase sensitive and confidential data breach risk.

Without IT staff to check security on your hardware, the rest of your staff’s lack of cyber security knowledge could lead to weak points.

Luckily, having a Mobile Device Management Solution and automated processes with ABM makes remote working far less risky for companies.

How to add your MDM Server to Apple Business Manager

Step 1) Log into your Mobile Device Management Server and click Enrolment.

Step 2) Click Apple then Apple Enrolment.

Step 3) Download the MDM public key. You’ll need to upload it to your ABM portal.

Step 4) Use your managed Apple ID with Administrator level or Device Manager level to log into your ABM portal.

Step 5) Click on settings

Step 6) Select Device Management Settings

Step 7) Scroll to Add MDM Server. Then you can create your virtual server within the ABM portal.

Step 8) Give it a name.

Step 9) Upload that MDM Public Key.

Step 10) Click Save.

Step 11) Click download token.

Step 12) Go back to your MDM console and add the Server Token under ‘Upload Server Token’. Don’t forget to add a relevant email address for notifications on Server Token expiry.

Unlock the full potential of your ABM account by adding MDMs and ensure additional security and data compliance from all employees, whether they are in the office or at home.

You can even add BYOD (bring your own device) hardware to your MDM server and give staff the tools they need to work from home securely.