How to Install Apps with ABM

13th February 2021
Apple Business Manager Apps

The Apple Business Manager portal is a superb tool for businesses which can help streamline device & application purchasing and deployment.

With Apple Business Manager you can remotely buy and deploy apps to all your managed devices in just a few clicks.

This is ideal for setting up devices for your remote staff, so they can get to work straight away, with everything they need on a new device. If your workers require different applications, ABM will help you apply custom apps and set ups for these users simply and easily.

The Benefits of Distributing Apps with ABM

ABM makes app distribution extremely convenient for businesses.

You can benefit from:

  • Automatic app updates.
  • Send apps to employee-owned devices.
  • Easy mass distribution to all devices in your MDM
  • Avoid bad reviews from the public, who might come across the app and not realise it’s an internal employee app.
  • Less intensive app review processes for custom company apps.

There are several ways to install apps on employee devices via Apple Business Manager. If you wish to deploy the same apps to a particular department or selection of devices, then creating a device group in your ABM Profile Manager is a good start.

How to Create a Device Group in Profile Manager

Enrol your devices in Profile Manager.

Step 1) To create your new group, begin by clicking ‘Add’ under the ‘Groups’ list.

Step 2) Enter a name for your new device group.

Step 3) To add devices to this group, first select the group.

Step 4) Click ‘Add’, which is found under the ‘Device Groups’ list.

Step 5) Select ‘Add Devices’ or ‘Add Device Groups’.

Step 6) In the dialog box, click ‘Add’ to select your devices, which you wish to be included in the Device Group. (You can search devices by a filter or click ‘Add All’.)

Step 7) Click ‘Done’.

It’s as simple as that.

Next, you’ll want to deploy apps to that group.

How to Install Apps with ABM

A simple way to assign applications to a device or device group is laid out below:

Step 1) Select the Devices or your Device Groups from the Profile Manager sidebar.

Step 2) Choose your required Device or Device Group.

Step 3) Click the ‘Apps’ tab.

Step 4) By clicking the ‘Add’ button, you will be able to view a list of available apps.

Step 5) Select the desired apps.

Step 6) Choose from the ‘Automation’ option or the ‘Manual’ option from the installation mode menu. (Installation of custom apps will be automatic.)

Step 7) Click ‘Ok’.

Step 8) Click ‘Save’.

What is the difference between ‘Automatic’ and ‘Manual’?

Manual gives the recipient device user the option to download the new app on their device, whereas with automatic, the device will download the app straight away.

Don’t forget that there are several ways to distribute apps for installation in ABM.

Users must accept an invitation and have an Apple ID.

Installing Apps in Volume with ABM

Using Apple Business Manager with your MDM will make it easier to distribute application en masse to your corporate devices.

If a device is already added into your MDM solution, you can assign apps to those devices with no Apple ID necessary. Anyone who uses the device will have access to the app.

If a staff member unenrolls from the MDM, then the app may be automatically removed from their device.