Myth Busting Computer Leasing: Is It Really Too Time Consuming?

1st January 2023
myths of leasing

There are plenty of outdated myths that are still floating around regarding computer leasing.

Negative perceptions persist in the minds of some business owners based mainly on an unfortunate mix of:

  • False assumptions
  • Anxiety around change
  • How computer leasing used to be many years ago when it first emerged on the market

Sadly, this prevents some companies from taking the leap with computer leasing, which could improve their cashflow by spreading the cost of devices.

Modern computer leasing solutions, such as Devices For Teams also come with comprehensive support and associated IT management services to make life even easier for businesses.

Despite this, some businesses continue to miss out on the extra assistance because of falsehoods surrounding computer leasing.

We’re here to bust those myths and explain just how easy and beneficial computer leasing can be.

time consuming is a myth of leasing

The biggest myths that people still believe about computer leasing are that it is time-consuming and difficult.

They may realise that they could have superior IT support and affordable hardware, but worry about a complex sign-up process and potential rejection of their lease application.

This couldn’t be further from the truth when leasing with Devices For Teams.

It’s Fast and Easy To Get Started With A Computer Lease

CEOs and directors are usually incredibly busy. This precipitates a fear of changing systems in general because it can be time-consuming.

Therefore, some business owners shy away from computer leasing. They are concerned that it will be a hassle with many documents to sign and a lot of waiting around.

This is a complete misconception, especially when it comes to Devices For Teams.

Devices For Teams has been designed and perfected to be as streamlined as possible. There is very little paperwork, and it can be completed in seconds with an online eSign. Your new hardware is with you in mere days.

It is one of the fastest computer leasing sign-up processes on the market and is incredibly swift and stress-free.

Every step of Devices For Teams has been created to keep business downtime, paperwork, and needless bureaucracy to a minimum.

It’s Easy To Get Approved For A Computer Lease With Devices For Teams

Another worry that holds some businesses back from leasing computer devices is the fear that the application will be rejected. This concern primarily affects new and smaller businesses.

Computer leasing can be the perfect solution for smaller companies to access the highest quality devices cost-effectively, yet myths abide that leasing is something only for bigger enterprises.

Small businesses and start-up businesses often struggle with other applications because they haven’t yet developed a trading history. This is NOT a reason to fear leasing computer equipment with Devices For Teams.

devices for teams by hardsoft and the myths of leasing

Even if you are a very new start-up or small business, there will be a computer leasing solution to suit you and the application process isn’t scary or a headache at all.

Small family-run boutiques, sole traders, start-ups and scaleups can all find a lease style to suit their circumstances with Devices For Teams.

A whopping 98% of applications to Devices For Teams are approved. There is also the option of Pre-Loved devices for the very smallest businesses with little data or funds.

There truly is a computer equipment solution for every type of business.

So, don’t let trepidation paralyse you from making an excellent financial decision for your business. Find out more about how quick getting a computer leasing solution can be with Devices For Teams.