How can you efficiently reuse company devices?

30th November 2023
boomerang and laptop in the background and man running

Devices can be expensive – so it’s understandable that you’ll want to get the most use out of your company’s laptops, computers and tablets.

In the past, when most work was office-based and there was no real need for devices to leave company premises, reusing and re-distributing company devices was simple. However, with most modern companies now operating with employees spread across the country, there are numerous expenses and logistical challenges associated with transferring devices between employees and across regions.

Timing can also add to the complexity of re-using company devices. If one employee departs as another joins, it probably won’t create many problems. However, this is rarely the reality, and so you also need to consider storing the devices while they’re not in use, as well as any administrative tasks and potential costs involved.

We are passionate about making your device’s life cycle as stress-free as possible, and that is why we at Devices for Teams have created the solution to your IT Asset Management (ITAM) issues: our Boomerang service.

With Boomerang, our Devices for Teams clients can rest easy knowing that their company devices are being stored and redistributed with ease. We take care of everything, from sending the computer, laptop or tablet out at the beginning of its life cycle, to collecting it from your ex-employee, to storing it and reconfiguring it at our facility, and finally, redistributing it to your new employee.

This means that our clients are able to maximize device usage, reduce significant costs, and easily transport devices across regions to meet their hiring needs—all with just a few clicks.

Reusing devices of remote workers: Explaining the logistical challenges

Consider a scenario where a remote team member in Wales does not pass their probation or a software engineer in Scotland, who has an expensive Apple MacBook Pro Laptop, leaves after six months. Their devices are still in the early stages of their usable life.

Gifting nearly new devices to departing employees is extremely costly. Additionally, it is not as straightforward as it may seem, as gifting devices creates payroll and tax administration for your company and tax implications for the outgoing employees.

From a financial standpoint, it makes sense to reuse these computers, laptops or tablets. However, unless you have offices or immediate hiring needs within the same regions where those ex-employees live, you will need to find a way to send their laptops back to your headquarters. The associated costs, such as shipping fees, and courier expenses, quickly accumulate.

Moreover, organizing the collection requires significant time and effort. You would need to locate a reverse logistics provider who can retrieve the device, handle all the necessary administration, provide suitable packaging, and return it to your headquarters. Subsequently, you would need to find storage space and a vendor to sanitize, refurbish, and repackage the device. All the while, you would manually track the device’s movements and handle multiple invoices.

To simplify the process of storing and reusing your company devices, we have eliminated all the unnecessary hassle through offering Devices for Teams clients our Boomerang service.

How can I reuse my Boomerang devices?

Offboarding team members with Boomerang takes only a few seconds. Simply confirm their details, select their final day, and let us know what you would like to do with their equipment.

Leave all the heavy lifting to us. We will collect the device, manage the cleaning, wiping, and repackaging processes, ensuring the device is in the best possible condition and ready for reuse. We will store it for as long as you need to support your hiring plans.

When it comes to redelivery, we can preconfigure the device with your organisation’s preferred apps and software before shipping it. This way, the device arrives with your new employee ready to use straight out of the box, ensuring a fantastic day one experience.

Boomerang: In Summary

In summary, Devices for Teams’ Boomerang service offers a comprehensive solution for efficiently reusing company devices. By entrusting us with your IT asset management, clients can maximize device usage, reduce costs, and overcome logistical challenges associated with device redistribution. With Boomerang, repurposing company devices becomes a seamless process, enabling organizations to optimize their resources and enhance productivity.