We’re accredited by the FCA

Being regulated by FCA means we are honest, competitive, and fair in the services we provide. Click here to view our listing on the FCA’s Financial Services Register

What is the FCA?

The Financial Conduct Authority is an independent public body, accountable to the Treasury.

The FCA grants authorisation to companies, organisations and individuals to carry out certain activities, only once they have demonstrated that they meet specific standards.

Financial services impact all areas of our lives

In the UK, the financial services sector employ over 1.1 million people and contributes around £75 billion in tax per year.

It’s therefore important for the FCA to ensure financial markets are honest, fair, and effective for consumers, businesses, and individuals.

Everyone is protected

Being regulated by the FCA provides the certainty our customers need, so they know they will receive an honest, fair, and effective service from us.

It also means they can be sure that any complaints they have will be passed on and processed.

Overall, we’re completely transparent about our service, even on the rare occasion we fall short of our customer’s expectations.