Jamf MDM Solution for Apple

27th August 2021
Jamf and apple devices

Here at HardSoft, we have been deploying Apple devices for a number of years, and while installing and configurating these devices is not overly complicated, it can be time consuming, particularly when its being installed on multiple devices. We used to install them individually, but began looking in to better, quicker ways to configure these devices. Surely there was a way of having an oversight of all devices from the click of one button. Thankfully, there is!

What is Jamf?

Jamf is a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution used for all Apple devices from MacBooks, iPads, and even Apple TV’s. It simplifies the set up and deployment of devices across your organization and allows you to roll out specified configurations and settings across all your devices with just one click!

With setup and deployment on a larger scale, there is plenty of room for user error. With Jamf, this problem is eliminated! One push of a button and the settings are applied, and this can be done before the device is even out of the box! This provides your team with a pre-configured device ready to use straight away! Passwords, Wi-Fi, email, VPN connections, applications, whatever your staff need they can get going right away.

Jamf also allows you to set password and pin requirements for all devices, and you can enforce policies that set the criteria for the creation of future passwords. For example, you can extend the password, so it must be a certain number of characters or special characters etc. Change your iPad to require a six-digit password instead of just four digits. Set a date so the password expires after a certain among of time. Make sure your teams data stays secure.

Device Deployment Issues

A common problem with mass deployment of devices across the company is that users may install their own Apple ID on the device, causing an activation lock. If the user were to leave the company and return the device back, their Apple ID will still be associated with that device, leading to a great deal of trouble trying to remove it! It requires lengthy phone calls with Apple and will cause delays.

With Jamf, you can simply go into the device that is enrolled, unmanage it, and remove the activation lock, allowing you to then repurpose the device for another user almost immediately. That is not something that you can do with any other MDM for apple products!

Jamf Environment

showing the devices tab

Here is a quick overview of the Jamf user interface:

In the Devices tab you can see a list of all your company’s devices, who they are assigned to, and what their position in the company is. You can also click into the devices and see everything that is assigned to the device, the applications that are installed, and all the details, including serial number, warranty, cover, etc. You can also then go into the apps and add apps into your own personal library, which you can then assign to the devices via a blueprint.

Screenshot about blueprints

Blueprints effectively group devices together so that they can all have the same security, the same applications, and effectively the same management functionalities as each other’s devices.

Now when it comes to enrolment, there are a few ways to do this. One method is auto-enrollment, which would enable the device to be enrolled directly out of the box. This means that as soon as the user turns the device on, it will be enrolled, and it will have all the necessary applications and security software. The other way of doing this is open enrollment. Open enrollment is usually for devices that are brought in by staff members. This will allow you to have basic management of the devices, but not go into anything personal on the device such as their apple ID or photos.

You are also able to add another administrator into Jamf, so your reseller (such as HardSoft) can support and configure devices for you.

If you do need any further information on Jamf MDM solution, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us! HardSoft can pre-configure your company’s devices, giving your employees the tools to get going right away!