5 user Desktop Network Leasing

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Our 5-user PC network lease is the perfect complete solution for small businesses.

This option comes with everything you need to set-up and operate a PC network including the wireless router, HP Server and 5 x Mini Tower PC's. We can tailor your package to suit your business needs and you can decide on the level of support package that you need.

We offer three support packages, Bronze, Silver and Gold. All of these packages include 3 years on site next day warranty with unlimited remote support sessions and telephone technical support. Our IT guys can be on hand as your help desk which will mean you do not need to employ your own. All packages also include software installation and patching and AVG CloudCare anti-virus. Check out all of our levels of support HERE. 

HardSoft have been trading for over thirty years and are a ONE STOP SHOP for all of your technology needs! As an authorised reseller and credit broker, our packages have been tailor made to work seamlessly alongside your business. Our technicians have all been trained to a very high standard and are will ensure the smooth installation and set up of your new network. 

If you are looking to avoid borrowing to acquire new networking equipment then leasing is the ideal solution. Cash is king we can help you to keep hold of yours! We will not penalise new businesses and offer the same terms as established companies. Please contact our friendly Sales Team on: 0207 111 1643 for more information or a bespoke quotation for your business.

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server leasing

Starting at just £39 +VAT per week you can expand your business with this easy affordable solution.We are a serious alternative to Bank borrowing to both New and established businesses - business loan rates are often higher than that of lease finance and banks often charge a weighty arrangement fee. Do not forget that leasing is also offers 100% tax relief!

We offer the same deals for new companies as established businesses so we are the perfect solution for those who are looking to get up and running from scratch! Our flexibility means we can offer leases from 1 to 4 years, monthly, quarterly or annual payments, by invoice or direct debit. We can defer lease payments, or can accept a deposit to reduce the future rental payments. Software, maintenance and licensing can also be leased. 

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