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Choose a Server and any number of Windows devices and then we'll lease them with inclusive support. 

HardSoft have been trading for over thirty years and are a one stop solution to all of your technology needs! As an authorised reseller and credit broker, our packages have been tailor made to work seamlessly alongside your business. Our technicians have all been trained to a very high standard and are will ensure the smooth installation and set up of your new network. The team are on hand to give you telephone technical support throughout the duration of your lease, keeping your business up and running. 

PC Leasing Support and SecurityBecause we offer a complete, end-to-end network solution, you save on the time and effort of dealing with a range of suppliers. As a reseller for multiple companies such as HP, Fujitsu, Lenovo and many many more, we can supply and advise what is best for your business! Just relax and leave it all to us.

Full installation is included in our Silver and Gold support packages. Our highly trained technicians will install the cabling, server and workstations quickly and efficiently at a time that suits you. We can also then handle migration of your data, set up any necessary remote working.  With all support packages we will provide 3 years telephone technical support, on hand to assist you in all of your technical needs and AVG Cloudcare anti-virus. 

All this comes at a simple, fixed price, payable in easy lease installments over 3 years. The following are some examples of our network leasing options. However, if you prefer a bespoke quotation, please contact us on 0207 111 1643 or sales@hardsoft.co.uk and one of our experienced network specialists will be delighted to advise you.
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If HardSoft include Cloud Back Up within the Network solution, why do you also provide external USB hard drives? That seems very ‘old fashioned’? FAQs PC Network Leasing from HardSoft
Firstly skimping on Back Ups is a long-term false economy with every company at some point suffering a major data loss. If anything, we recommend more back up methods. Additionally the Cloud is dependent on your Broadband speed for restoring. That could mean it takes a day or even two to restore all your data from the Cloud. Restoring from a Hard Drive is fast and often if we need to restore all the Data to Server, we rely on restoring from a mixture of the two sources.

Will you install my software onto the new Server?
Yes, our installation is a start to finish service that means migrating data from old systems to new PC’s and the new Server. Any existing Hardware such as Printers, scanners will also be integrated. However, we will not be responsible for maintenance of your own third party peripherals.

Why a physical Server in the Office and not a Cloud solution?
Technology just is not there yet for smaller Networks. Our Network Server solution to lease is a ‘Hybrid’ with Emails on the Cloud via Microsoft 365 and your daily Back Up is going to the Cloud. These are not wholly dependent on reliable and fast broadband.

Are the computers new and why HP?
Yes, all equipment is new and we offer HP as they offer a good choice of Desktop PC’s and Servers. We do offer Fujitsu and Lenovo as an alternative.

What are your Service Hours?
Our Service Hours are working days 9am to 5-30pm. Engineers are here beyond these times working on issues raised during the days. We have a ‘ticket’ system for all incidents and you will be able to track the progress of an issue. Our target is to contact you with an experienced engineer within an hour. You can log a call via the website, email, web chat or simply a telephone call.

My Server is ‘down’ how soon will I get an engineer?
Very rarely a Server dies that we cannot repair remotely but it does happen sometimes and we will be with you the next working day.

Why do you only offer Office 365 Business Essentials?
Most companies seem to have existing access to Microsoft Office software so would not need the 365 Premium versions. 365 Premium is available to lease and includes access to Office licensing across five devices per User. It is at extra cost. You could have a mist of 365 Essentials

You can’t buy three years subscription of Office 365 but you include it within a lease?
365 subscriptions are only available for one year but we would automatically renew these. At the end of the three years to continue your 365 subscription would then be at the then market price. Failure to renew 365 at this point would mean Microsoft ceasing your emails.

How quick is delivery?
Normally 4-5 days for a Bronze option whereby we configure all the equipment and then ship it to yourselves to install. On Silver or above include installation and we need 7 days’ notice to book in a mutual date.

How disruptive will be new Network installation be?
We will try to be as discreet and quick as possible though there undoubtedly be downtime as data is moved and new systems are installed.

How long does the installation take?
Generally, we allow 2 days for an average 5-user network moving up to 4 days for 15-user network. Though on these networks we would put two, IT engineers in to halve this.

Can you install at weekends?
Yes for a small extra fee.

Are there any extra costs? 
No, though should you ask us to look after third party software or peripherals not supplied by us then there would be a per incident charge. Additionally should you relocate offices or need our consultancy services on GDPR or Cyber Essentials then these are extra.

How experienced is your Network installation engineer?
All have at least five years of experience.

Do you dispose of the old equipment?
Yes, we do and if you require a destruction certificate please ask. Your old Server will be kept for thirty or more days before any disposal.

Can a New or Start Ups company lease a Server and Network system?
Yes if the Company has not Filed Accounts at Companies House then we will need extra info to underwrite. This means Directors info to ascertain the business owners have clean credit histories and would need at least two months bank statements that can prove affordability. If the business is so new that this info is not available then Personal bank statements of the owners is sufficient. Again would be looking that the Bank Account is used within its limits with no unpaid or returned items.

Why multiple hard drives in the Server?
These are configured into a RAID array (Redundant Array Inexpensive Disks). RAID mirrors data from one drive to another to prevent the loss of a Drive meaning data loss and downtime for repair. With basic Servers, we supply two hard drives that mirror each other. On Networks that are more powerful, you may have several drives. Several drives protects against multiple drive failures but also improves the read/write access speeds, which is important on networks with large amounts of users.

Can you supply a Rack Server instead of a Tower Server?
Yes, all are available in a Rack style for the same price. You naturally will need a Rack. Note that Rack Servers are generally much noisier.

Sophos Intercept X is included on the GOLD  Network options. Is this the best Anti Ransomware software?
We believe this is. It is easy to manage and maintain. Our second choice would be MalWare Bytes for Business though you would need an IT expert at your end, as it is more difficult to manage.

Why a Draytek Router Firewall?
We have used Draytek for many years and find the product to be the most reliable, which is essential given its key importance. No Router=No Internet.

I already have some of these peripherals on the Quotation. Can I re-use these?
Not generally. We are going to be responsible for maintaining your system and would prefer that everything is new and products that we have a depth of knowledge on.

How long will the UPS last in event of a power failure?
Not very long and only a matter of minutes. It provides power to safely shut the Server down. There is no such thing as UPS that can keep your IT running during a Power outage and you would need then to buy a Generator!

Can you supply a Rack Server instead of a Tower Server?
Yes, all are available in a Rack style for the same price. You naturally will need a Rack. Note that Rack Servers are generally much noisier.

Does the equipment need to be insured?
Yes, please cover it under your normal business policy or we can add it to a policy we offer at a cost of about £110 per year for each Device.

Do I have to pay a lump sum at the end to own the computer?
Our Flexi-Lease includes the option to own for normally £1 after the lease terminates.

What happens at the end of the lease to my Office 365 subscription?
We will contact you 30 days from the end to offer a renewal that would be for a further year.

If I do not renew Office 365 what happens next?
You have 30 days grace from Microsoft before your emails are locked. If you don’t renew then after a further 30 days then Microsoft will delete your account and you will not be

What happens at the end of the 3 years to my support?
Support terminates when you stop paying but there are options… Apart from taking a new system as an option, you can continue paying for the Support and warranty of your Server and PC’s which also includes the AVAST CloudCare subscription for a further year and service visits. This is paid at 50% of your in-contract cost.

If I take up your Extended Support for the fourth year at 50%, does it include the Office 365 subscription?
No it doesn’t and 365 must be paid annually.


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