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HardSoft offer leasing on Rugged laptops with 3 years support 

We offer both Semi-Rugged and Fully-Rugged laptops to lease from Panasonic, Getac Dell and Lenovo. With a range that covers Fully-Rugged, Semi-Rugged and Business-Rugged laptops, easily find a machine to suit your needs. These laptops are great for difficult work environments and tackling extreme conditions. Built for durability more than performance, these Rugged laptops can with stand drops, dust and water damage. Not sure which Rugged category your work environment demands? 

Business-Rugged LaptopsAccidents occur everywhere and the office is no different, whether your laptop falls from your desk or gets squashed in your briefcase. Business-Rugged laptops are free-fall tested from 76cm and are able to withstand pressure, vibrations and physical shock. Protect your data with shock absorbent Hard Disks tested to 76cm.  Avoid needless downtime and repair costs with the Business-Rugged range available to lease today. 
On Site Rugged Computer

Semi-Rugged Laptops: Experience the perfect balance of durability and performance by renting a laptop from our semi-rugged range. Commonly used in the Fire, Police and Construction industries; mainly aimed at users who work in the office and on-site harsh environments. Free-fall tested from 76cm, the magnesium alloy body is shock/vibration resistant, water proof and dust proof. Semi-Rugged laptops can act as a main computer, eliminate the need for a PC in the office and a laptop for use on the road.

Full-Rugged LaptopsFor complete confidence in difficult work environments such as factories, building sites or war zones hire a fully-rugged laptop! Free-fall tested up to 120cm, the main body easily protects components. With a shock absorbent Hard Disk, be sure data is secure no matter what happens. Designed with seamless sealing, these laptops prevent the penetration of water and dust. Built to military-specifications, the Fully-Rugged range are almost indestructible and more than capable of handling harsh work environments 

For a bespoke quote to suit your business, call our helpful sales team on 0207 111 1643 or email As IT specialists who are resellers for multiple manufacturers we can give impartial and up to date advise on all of your IT needs including Software and Malware protection. 

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Technical team HardSoft have been trading for over 30 years supplying SMB's with their IT and offering great financial solutions. We have perfected our business lease and offer unique solutions that give you great options within your lease. Our Flexi- lease package not only offered 3 years FREE warranty, which includes collect, repair and return (including parts) for the duration of your lease but also 3 years FREE telephone technical support. Save your company large external IT bills and utilise the HardSoft IT helpdesk for all of your support needs. Our technical team are trained to an extremely high level and are on hand to assist with any problems.

Leasing comes with better rates than bank loans and is tax effective! Leasing makes great business sense, especially with the fantastic lease package offered by HardSoft. If you are worried about missing out on the latest technology, you can take advantage of the Flexi- lease Return, Retain, Renew options. This gives you the option to upgrade after just 18 months. HardSoft is a one stop shop for all of your IT and financing needs. This is competitive and means that all of your IT needs can be dealt with in one easy payment and in one place. 

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