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Benefits of PC Leasing

Lease your business laptop from HardSoft today for great deals at amazing prices! 

These machines are a selection of our most popular everyday business laptops. With widescreen displays as standard, these Laptops tread the line between desktop replacement and mobility with style and sophistication. All offer extensive features that make any working day a better one! As resellers of multiple providers such as Dell, HP, Lenovo and Fujitsu- to name but a few, our helpful sales team can advise you with an unbiased option with what will work best for your company. 

As well as still being great value for money, on one of our flexible leases they become even more affordable. All Laptops on our flexible lease packages include three years 'collect & return' warranty (inclusive of parts and labour) with the backing of our own technical support team. Our telephone technical support is also available for all Flexi- Lease customers which means that you will not need to invest in your own IT team- use ours! 

If you cant see what you are looking for please contact our experienced sales consultants for a live chat, or by email sales@hardsoft.co.uk or call on Tel: 0207 1111 643.

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Technical team Save your cash and lease today! With a Flexi- lease from HardSoft you will be able to obtain your IT at a much lower rate than a bank loan with loads of extras! Our package deals include fantastic upgrade options- Return, Retain, Renew means that you can end your lease after 24 months of a 36 month package. You will never be tied to outdated technology with a HardSoft lease. You can also take ownership of your device for as little as £1 at the end of the lease! 

The HardSoft Technical Team are available for unlimited remote log in sessions thought your lease. The team are trained to a very high standard and travel across the whole of the UK. Utilise the HardSoft help desk thought your lease and save on external IT support or even an extra head count. Find all of these great services all in the same place! 

You can choose to add software, Ransomware protection, Cloud storage and anti- virus to your lease. As a one stop shop, HardSoft offers amazing deals and packages for your business. 

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