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Benefits of PC leasingLease new PC's for your business from HardSoft with inclusive three years support. 

HardSoft can offer an extensive range of PC's and all-in-ones on a flexi-lease package, from a wide range of manufacturers including HP, Lenovo and Fujitsu. The Flexi- lease as just as the name suggests- flexible! Leasing a PC from us starts at as little as £4 per week which includes unlimited remote support, warranty and guaranteed fast delivery. We will collect, repair and return any faulty machines in warranty in a timely manner and at absolutely no cost at all to you. Add a monitor or display to your lease to complete your PC set up. For an additional cost we can also offer installation and on-site warranty, you can utilise our excellent technical team to assist with all of your IT needs. All PC leases are quick and easy to setup and we can deliver within just a few days, if not the next day. Your Software and Anti- Virus can be added to your lease so all of your needs can all be met with one easy payment. Depending on how your business works you can choose to pay monthly or quarterly, with no hidden costs you can upgrade your IT without a huge payout. Help your staff to work as efficiently as possible with the right IT, we can help your business to thrive and grow with our service. 

Our rental schemes also offer you the option to upgrade your PC's after just 18 months, making sure you are never left behind in the world of technology, and even if this option is undertaken you still have the option to keep the equipment at the end of the three years for just £1. The Return, Retain, Renew system that we operate adds to the many choices you have within your lease. If you change your mind on your lease or want the latest kit, you can do it after just 18 months. No other purchase agreement or bank loan will give you these decisions. 
If you have any questions or would like to discuss an alternative specification with one of our dedicated sales team please either click on the live chat at the bottom right of your screen, call 0207 111 1643 or email sales@hardsoft.co.uk. As IT specialists and resellers for multiple manufacturers, we offer impartial and up to date advice on all of your IT needs. We are happy to give a range of quotes to give you even more choice for your flexible lease. The HardSoft one stop shop can take care of all of your IT needs in one tidy payment with no hidden costs.
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Banner technical team HardSoft has been operating for over 30 years. With all of our experience, we have been able to create a unique package that makes great business sense. Our customers return time and again to take advantage of our great deals, prices, support and advice. If you are just starting out, you need not worry, we offer the same fantastic deals to new and established companies. Leasing is usually at much lower rates than a bank loan and offers tax relief. helping your company to update its IT but also budget for the future. 

The HardSoft Technical team are on hand thought the duration of your lease for unlimited telephone and remote technical support. You will no longer need to employ pricey outside IT support. The team are highly trained on devices from multiple manufacturers, we can offer comprehensive support as part of your leasing deal. 

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