Microsoft Surface Studio Leasing

surface studio leasing

The Surface Studio becomes affordable with flexible leasing.

The Microsoft Surface revolution continues with the new desktop Surface Studio, with its strikingly large and incredibly thin 28” PixelSense Display. It lets you visualize ideas as you paint, edit, or design. Then watch your designs leap off the display with 13.5 million pixels of true life color and clarity .Use it upright, or draw on it like a drafting table- yes it's a multi-touch display.  The Zero Gravity Hinge means weightlessly moving the 28” PixelSense Display down into Studio Mode with just one hand. Choose i5 or i7 CPU with up to 4GB of Geforce Graphics and up to 32GB RAM, optionally supplied with the revolutionary Surface Dial.

We had a hands-on event on the Surface Studio in association with Microsoft and EVERY visitor was bowled over by this innovative computer. If you would like to enquire about a HardSoft lease, you can chat with us bottom right or email.

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All you need to know on leasing a new Microsoft Surface StudioFAQs Surface Studio Leasing from HardSoft

Is the Surface Studio new?
Yes and the latest models.

Are there any extra costs over and above the prices?
No, though there is an Admin Fee shown on the paperwork for the Surface Studio which is normally £50

How fast is delivery of the Surface Studio?
Normally 2-3 days, though do ask us and we will try to do it quicker.

Is delivery included in the costs of the Surface Studio?
Yes. We can deliver on a Saturday or Sunday to suit.

What if my Company has a CCJ or a poor credit history, can I still lease a Surface Studio?
We may need to ask for Personal Indemnities and may ask for additional info to prove affordability such as a bank statement.

Do prices quoted for the Surface Studios exclude VAT?
Yes they all do.

How competitive are HardSoft lease prices on the Surface Studios?
Very. Established for thirty years, HardSoft invented IT leasing to small businesses and though not always the cheapest, our service and overall package remains the best.

Why is the ‘Pure-Rental’ price of the Surface Studio cheaper?
Because you do not have the right to own the Surface Pro at the expiry of the lease. It is simply a long-term hire whereby you return the equipment at the expiry.

I am a home user, can I still lease a Surface Studio?
No you can’t, as it is legally not allowed. HardSoft do offer interest free credit on Surface Studios. Have a look at

Does HardSoft add Insurance and add it to the direct debit after delivery?
No, we don’t but we may do so if you cannot confirm that you have your own cover in place. If we are forced to add insurance, it is about £110 per annum per product. This is a very competitive ‘all-risks’ policy.

When is the first direct debit paid for my new Surface Pro?
It is paid on the first of the month following delivery.

Is there an APR on the lease of the Surface Studio? 
Leasing is a ‘hire agreement’ and therefore is not subject to any APR calculations.

Are you Microsoft Authorised?
Yes we are. We are also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

How long is the Lease?
It's three years, though remember you can cancel and return the Surface Studio after two years or Renew into a new contract – just like a mobile phone deal.

Do I have to pay a lump sum at the end to own the Surface Studio?
Our popular Flexi-Lease includes the option to own for normally £1. If you choose the cheaper ‘Pure-Rental’ then yes, you will need to buy the equipment at the then market price.

I am a student, can I lease a Surface Studio?
No. Unfortunately offers are only for business users including the self-employed.

Is there a ‘cooling off period’ when I lease a Surface Studio?
No. Unless you are a Sole Trader where the Consumer Credit Act is applicable. 

What’s included with the Surface Studio device?
• Surface Pen
• Surface Keyboard
• Surface Mouse
• Power cord with Grip Release Cable

What Pricing Programs do Surface Studio devices qualify for?
• Surface Studio qualifies for Deal Registration.
• Surface Studio does not qualify for Bid Grid or Special Pricing.

The HardSoft flexi- lease is completely unique. With over 30 years of trading under our belt, we have fine tuned our package to suit business needs. With a Feefo Gold rating our customers agree. Leasing isnot only offered at better rates than bank loans, it is also tax deductible. If you need to expand or update your IT, rather than get lumped with a large payout, you can lease with monthly or quarterly affordable payments. Our leases usually run for 36 months but you will have the option to upgrade your lease after just 18 months! You will never be stuck with outdated equipment with a HardSoft lease.

All of our lease packages also come with the added bonus of 3 years FREE warranty and telephone technical support. The HardSoft technical team are trained to a very high standard for all of the devices that we supply. With your IT support included in your lease package, you can save on expensive extra IT costs. The ticketing system that we use, means that you can follow your query each step of the way. The warranty we provide means that any covered machine will be collected, repaired and retuned to you in a timely manner. There is no excess and parts are included. We understand the importance of your computer for business and will endeavour to always be prompt. 


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