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The Surface Pro is the successor to the Surface Pro 4 and part of the Microsoft SurfaceFamily. The Surface Pro gives you the power of a laptop with the versatility of a tablet and studio, featuring the latest 7th Gen Intel Core i5 or i7 Processor giving you 50% more battery life and 50% more performance than it's predecessor, the Surface Pro 4, and Windows 10 Pro to handle even the largest editing software with ease. The latest Surface Pro has an amazing 13.5 hour battery life, which is 2.5 times faster than the Surface Pro 3 and with it's 12.3" PixelSense touch display, which supports the new Surface Pen 2 (NOT INCLUDED but available as an optional extra) it is also a mobile creative studio.Choose your choice for colours of  the new Surface Pen plus there's a choice of colours on the revised Type Cover.

Leasing a Surface Pro from HardSoft gives you flexible upgrade and warranty options and is tax efficient for your business. When you lease from HardSoft, you get peace of mind of dealing with a 30 year trading company and an option for a loan should yours ever need repairing.

Choose from the Specs available or give one of our expert sales advisors a call on 0207 111 1643. HardSoft are Microsoft Authorised resellers and can offer impartial expert advice and will be happy to put together a quote to lease a Surface for your business.
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All you need to know on leasing a new Microsoft Surface ProFAQs Surface Pro Leasing from HardSoft

Is the Surface Pro new? 
Yes and the latest models.

Are there any extra costs over and above the prices?
No, though there is an Admin Fee shown on the paperwork for the Surface Pro which is normally £50

How quick is delivery of the Surface Pro?
Normally 2-3 days, though do ask us and we will try to do it quicker.

Is delivery included in the costs of the Surface Pro?
Yes. We can deliver on a Saturday or Sunday to suit.

What if my Company has a CCJ or a poor credit history, can I still lease a Surface Pro?
We may need to ask for Personal Indemnities and may ask for additional info to prove affordability such as a bank statement.

Do prices quoted for the Surface Pros exclude VAT?
Yes they all do.

How competitive are HardSoft lease prices on the Surface Pro?
Very. Established for thirty years, HardSoft invented IT leasing to small businesses and though not always the cheapest, our service and overall package remains the best.

Why is the ‘Pure-Rental’ price of the Surface Pro cheaper?
Because you do not have the right to own the Surface Pro at the expiry of the lease. It is simply a long-term hire whereby you return the equipment at the expiry.

I am a home user, can I still lease a Surface Pro?
No you can’t, as it is legally not allowed. HardSoft do offer interest free credit on Surface Pros. Have a look at

Does HardSoft add Insurance and add it to the direct debit after delivery?
No, we don’t but we may do so if you cannot confirm that you have your own cover in place. If we are forced to add insurance, it is about £110 per annum per product. This is a very competitive ‘all-risks’ policy.

When is the first direct debit paid for my new Surface Pro?
It is paid on the first of the month following delivery.

Is there an APR on the lease of the Surface Pro? 
Leasing is a ‘hire agreement’ and therefore is not subject to any APR calculations.

Are you Microsoft Authorised?
Yes we are. We are also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

How long is the Lease?
It's three years, though remember you can cancel and return the Surface Pro after two years or Renew into a new contract – just like a mobile phone deal.

Do I have to pay a lump sum at the end to own the Surface Pro?
Our popular Flexi-Lease includes the option to own for normally £1. If you choose the cheaper ‘Pure-Rental’ then yes, you will need to buy the equipment at the then market price.

I am a student, can I lease a Surface Pro?
No. Unfortunately offers are only for business users including the self-employed.

Is there a ‘cooling off period’ when I lease a Surface Pro?
No. Unless you are a Sole Trader where the Consumer Credit Act is applicable. 

Can the Surface Pro be downgraded to Windows 8.1?
No. Surface Pro was engineered to enable the best possible experience with Windows 10.

How long does the Surface Pro battery last?
Up to 13.5 hours.

What ports are included on Surface Pro?
• Full-size USB 3.0
• microSD™ card reader
• Mini DisplayPort
• Cover port
• Headset jack
• Surface Connection

How many cores does the SP4 have?
SP4 Core M, i5, and i7 each have a total of 2 cores.

Does Surface Pro support 4K video?
Yes, both SP4 and Surface Book devices support 4K video. 

Take a Surface Pro on a HardSoft Lease and enjoy brilliant benefits such as upgrade options and 100% tax relief.  Surface Pro leasing is at a much lower rate than a bank loan and HardSoft offer the same great deals to new businesses as they do established companies. 

Our lease package includes 3 years FREE warranty and unlimited remote support. If your device is subject to a fault covered by warranty, we will collect, repair and return your device in a timely manner. This is includes parts and there is no excess. The HardSoft technical team are trained to a very high standard and are available for telephone technical support avoiding the need to employ external IT companies. Everything from sales to support is available on one number 0207 111 1643 making your lease as simple as it can be.

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