Microsoft Surface Laptop Leasing

Leasing the Surface Laptop makes sense for your business 

Microsoft unveiled the latest addition to their Surface family, the Surface Laptop, in May 2017. It’s the first laptop with integrated keyboard in their Surface range. Similar in size to the Surface Book, it features the same 13.5” PixelSense touchscreen display with 3:2 aspect ratio and is the first device to run on Windows 10 S which Microsoft are billing as 'streamlined for security and superior performance'. All apps have to be downloaded from the Windows Store, which ensures they are verified by Microsoft. The keyboard is covered in a material called Alcantara from Italy, which is used in high-end goods, giving your Surface Laptop a luxury feel. The material is treated with a polyurethane coating helping to protect your laptop from spills. With the Surface Laptop you have one of the lightest, with a weight of just 2.76lbs, and most powerful with a battery life of up to 14.5 hours. Available in a range of colours; platinum, burgundy, cobalt blue and graphite gold.

Leasing a Surface Laptop from HardSoft gives you the flexibilty of upgrade and warranty options and is tax efficient for your business. You also get the peace of mind that's comes from dealing with a company that has been trading for 30 years. 

If you'd like to talk through the options available to you, give one of our expert sales advisors a call on 0207 111 1643. HardSoft are Microsoft Authorised resellers and can offer impartial expert advice and will be happy to put together a quote to lease a Surface for your business. Or choose from across the whole of our Windows range. 
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All you need to know on leasing a new Surface Laptop

I am self-employed.  Can I still lease a Surface Laptop?
Yes as well as sole traders and partnerships. HardSoft have licensing under the FCA to offer ‘regulated’ leasing contracts for the full three years.

Can you lease a Surface Laptop to ‘start-up’ companies?
Yes though again we may ask for bank statements to prove to us the business has some money to pay the rentals.

Do you require a Directors Guarantee to lease a Surface Laptop?
It’s something we ask for in about 5% of orders for a Surface Laptop. The main reasons we will ask for a Directors Indemnity are 1) New Start Company with no accounts filed 2) Accounts filed at Companies House that show a negative net worth or the value of the order exceeds the net worth of the company 3) Year on year declining accounts.

What if my Company has a CCJ or a poor credit history?
We may need to ask for Personal Guarantees (often called Directors Indemnities) and may ask for additional info to prove affordability. This is usually a bank statement.

Do you offer a Mobile Device Management solution?
Yes we do we recommend the solution from VMWare Airwatch as our solution. Call us for a demo on Airwatch.

Are there any extra costs? 
No, though there is an Admin Fee shown on the paperwork which is normally £50

How competitive are HardSoft prices?
We are the cheapest source for Surface Laptops for business on lease and hire. Since 1984 we have been specialising in leasing computers just to business users.

How quick is delivery?
Normally 2-3 days, though ask us and we can probably do better and we can deliver at weekends at no extra.

Do prices exclude VAT?
Yes they do.

When is the first direct debit?
Normally the first of the month following delivery for monthly payments and if it’s a quarterly payment it will be on the next quarter.

Are you Microsoft Authorised?
We are authorised Microsoft resellers.

How long is the Lease?
It's three years though remember you can cancel and we will collect the Surface Laptop after two years.

Why is the ‘Pure-Rental’ price cheaper?
Because you do not have the right to own the computer at the end of the lease. It is simply a long-term hire agreement whereby you return the equipment at the end.

I am a home user, can I still lease from you?
No you cannot, as it is not allowed by law. HardSoft do offer 0% interest free credit though. Pop across to

Does the Financial Conduct Authority regulate HardSoft?
Yes, we are under the registration number FRN716391

Do I have to pay a lump sum at the end to own Surface Laptop?
Our Flexi-Lease includes the option to own the Surface Laptop for normally just £1. If you choose the cheaper ‘Pure-Rental’ then you don’t get this option though you could buy it at the end of the three years but at the market/fair price.

What operating system does Surface Laptop run?
Windows 10S 

What is Windows 10S?
Windows 10 S is a specific configuration of Windows 10 Pro that offers a familiar, productive Windows experience that’s streamlined for security and performance. By exclusively using apps in the Windows Store and ensuring that you browse safely with Microsoft Edge, Windows 10 S keeps you running fast and secure day in and day out.

How does Windows 10 S compare to Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro?
Windows 10 S is a specific configuration of Windows 10 Pro and has many of its features, but for security and performance it exclusively runs apps from the Windows Store and uses Microsoft Edge as its default browser.

Who is Windows 10S designed for?
Windows 10 S was inspired by students and teachers and it’s the best Windows ever for schools. It’s also a great choice for any Windows customer looking for consistent performance and advanced security. By limiting apps to those in the Windows Store, Windows 10 S is ideal for people who have everything they need in the Windows Store and prefer the peace of mind that comes with removing the risk of downloading apps from other places.

Which apps and hardware work with Windows 10S?
Windows 10 S works exclusively with compatible apps from the Windows Store. Since Windows 10 S has just been recently announced, we are working with our partners on app compatibility and to provide more detailed information Many hardware peripherals (such as printers) that work with Windows 10 today will work with Windows 10 S, but may have limited functionality. Since Windows 10 S has just been recently announced, Microsoft is working with partners to provide more detailed information.

I bought an app on another Windows 10 PC. Can I use it on my Windows 10S PC?
Apps purchased from the Windows Store are linked to your Microsoft account. In most cases, if you install an app from the Windows Store on another Windows 10 PC, you should be able to install it on your Windows 10 S configured PC if you sign in with the same Microsoft account.

Can I change my default web browser on my Windows 10S PC?
Microsoft Edge is the default web browser on Windows 10 S and Bing the default search engine in Microsoft Edge when customers are in Windows 10 S configuration. Customers are always in control of their Windows experience. When in Windows 10 S configuration, you can download any browser available in the Windows Store and can navigate to any other search engine website. If you want to download a browser (or any other application) not in the Windows Store, you can switch to Windows 10 Pro, at which time you can set the browser and search engine defaults of your choice.

Can Surface Laptop be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro?
Yes, this can currently be done through the following link:

If a Surface Laptop is switched to Windows 10 Pro from Windows 10S, can it be switched back?
No. Switching to Pro is one-way. If you make the switch, you won't be able to go back to Windows 10S.

Key features of the Surface Laptop
* Built-in 6th Generation Intel Core processor
* 13.5" high-resolution PixelSense Display offering 6 million pixels
* Workable with pen and touch
* Facial recognition
* Battery life of more than 14 hours
* Dimensions: 12.30 x 9.14 x 0.51-0.90 inches

All of our Microsoft leases come with three years warranty. If your computer needs a repair under warranty, we will collect, repair and return all in a timely manner. We also have a pool of loan machines that you can utilise so your business can run smoothly. Our lease also includes 3 years free telephone technical support. You will have access to our IT help desk to fully support you throughout the duration of your lease. The HardSoft technical team are fully trained, on the road and in multiple locations, they are available all over the country. 

A HardSoft lease offers so much more and is so flexible! With our fantastic upgrade options you can Retain, Renew or Return your computer after just 24 months. You can keep up to date with all of the latest technology, don't worry about falling behind! We also have a range of payment schedules to choose from, freeing up your capital and giving you more freedom to expand. 

Why Flexi-Lease
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