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Newly available to lease; Hardsoft is Proud to Introduce It's HSi Range of Custom Built PC's

With the lack of current hardware options available made to suit modern business' working with demanding Software suites; Like the latest cutting-edge VR and AR technology. Hardsoft has recognised that with over 10 years of experience both designing and building Custom Products. It's time to return...

Introducing the HSi Custom Built PC's which feature the upgrade ready ASUS ROG Motherboards, built for Intel's 'X' series including the i9-7980XE that comes equipped with 18 cores. Encased within the Corsair Obsidian 750D-Airflow Edition Full Tower, which gives your leased product the space to grow alongside your business' projects. Everything is personal when you create your own machine, with hundreds of configurations available, speak to one of our team with our 'Live Chat' feature for helpful advice and specialised recommendations or give us a call on 0207 111 1643

What is a Workstation? 

Workstations handle any application thrown at them and offer a desktop experience packed with additional power and streamlining for your business' specific needs. They are often used by; Designers, Engineers, Financial Analysts and Software Developers. Who in their lines of work often have to run more specifically demanding applications to render complex graphics, financial analysis, and digital content creation. With the advent of VR and AR development software, the extra power required by them can often not be met by traditional desktop setups. This is where the workstation shines brightest, having been specifically designed to tackle the tasks you face every day. 

Which Workstation is for you?  

As well as HP, Dell, Lenovo our Custom HSi Range and many more. Hardsoft has introduced; The Strongbox Workstations. Born out of Pinewood Studios, offer powerful Workstations that are unmatched in the Film & Media industry for; 4K Editing, Video Rendering or Colour Grading. Certified for use with the full Adobe Creative Suite, this powerful Workstation features already built-in upgrade paths to ensure your machine can grow as quickly as your business. 

Whether it's the HP Z440 for your office admin, the Strongbox SB-VR for Virtual Reality software development or the Fujitsu Celsius W550 for its graphics capability we have a workstation to suit everyone. If none of our 'out of the box' products are customisable enough, HardSoft's Custom HSi range can be specialised for any task, from gaming to game design. We pride ourselves on providing solutions to the latest VR and AR development conundrums. Building and supplying your business with a beautifully personalised solution to your solve your every day, however out of the ordinary it may be.  

At HardSoft, we know the benefits of leasing are, primarily; improving cash flow for you and your business. leaving you more money to grow your business. If you can’t find the computer you are looking for then please call us on 0207 111 1643 or use our webchat, to talk to one of our live sales team.

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HardSoft have over 30 years experience, we have fine tuned our lease packages to suit business. We are sure that we have all bases covered from your payment scheme to the support included. Leasing comes at a lower rate than a bank loan and is tax efficient. The Return, Retain, Renew upgrade options available to a HardSoft customer mean that you can change your mind and your IT just 18 months in to a 36 month lease. You will never fall behind with outdated technology and you also have the option to keep your device from just £1 if you would like to keep it at the end of the lease.

The technical support that we offer is issued by our highly trained and professional technical team. You will not only save on external IT support but you will have peace of mind that we know what we are doing. 3 years FREE warranty is also inclusive and faulty machines are collected by a courier, repaired (including parts) and returned in a timely manner negating your down time. There is no excess or payment for this service as long as the repair is under warranty. 


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