Mobile Graphics Workstations Leasing and Hire

Graphic intensive tasks such as creative design, 3-D modelling and intense gaming require a powerful machine with powerful graphic cards. These machines are cheaper than the Apple Mac range but are just as advanced. Supplying the leading brands such as HP, Lenovo and MSI, you are bound to find the perfect machine for your needs. 

Benefits of PC Leasing

Why would I need a laptop workstation?

Although not cheap to buy outright on a HardSoft flexi-lease these machines become affordable and not only are there tax and cash flow advantages, all graphic workstations come with a full warranty and technical support so you'll never have to worry about costly repairs and downtime.

Which workstation is right for me?

All these impressive mobile workstations are powerhouses in the design and graphics industry therefore they are all fit for purpose. Of course each may have there own unique areas in which they excel the most. Why not have a look at the HP range that offer the complete package in laptop workstations with their ZBook Studio range here.

Choose from the following options or contact our specialist sales team for a bespoke quote. We can advise on the best IT for your business at the right prices and payment plan. As a reseller for multiple manufacturers, the HardSoft team are able to offer impartial and up to date advise. Just call on 0207 111 1643 or email

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HardSoft have been trading for over 30 years, we know what our customers need and have packaged our unique leases accordingly. Leasing often comes at a lower rate than a bank loan and is tax deductible. With the HardSoft upgrade options of Return, Retain, Renew you can change your mind 18 months in to a 36 month lease. This means that you will never be left behind with outdated technology. If you wish to keep your device at the end of your lease, you do not have to give it back, just make a nominal payment, from just £1 you can take ownership of your IT.

The HardSoft Technical Support team will be on hand with unlimited remote support throughout the duration of your lease, saving you from employing an external IT company. You will also benefit from 3 years Warranty. All repairs under warranty will be completed in a timely manner and will not cost you a bean... that includes parts and couriers to pick up and drop off your device. With a HardSoft lease you are not just investing in IT but also peace of mind. Not just an IT specialist, as a credit broker we can get you the best deals and configure a repayment structure to meet your needs. You can pay quarterly and even defer the first payment if you need too. 

Why Flexi-Lease
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