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Benefits of PC Leasing

Graphics workstations are perfect for creative or design professionals who still prefer to be PC based, cheaper than the Apple family but just as advanced, these machines sport dedicated graphics cards and high specifications that make them almost capable of anything. We offer the most popular Graphics workstations available on the market from top brands such as HP, Lenovo and Strongbox. The HP Z840 Workstation is a Mac Pro rival, equipped with an array of incredible expansion possibilities.

Which Graphics workstation is right for me?

Graphics PC Leasing Strongbox Workstations, born out of Pinewood Studios, supply software optimized Workstations giving you the best performance for any specific task(s) you encounter. Need a 28 Core Grading Workstation or maybe a 44 Thread Render Workstation? Then the Strongbox Workstations are what you need to maximise performance, efficiency and work quality. Or maybe the Lenovo Thinkstation P300? From only £7.75, which can grapple with the best of them. Offering a competitive level of spec for a low price, specially designed for Graphics work. 

If you can’t find the computer you are looking for then please call us on 0207 111 1643 or use our web chat facility in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.  Our specialist sales team will be able to locate the device to suit all of your business needs, however specialised. 

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Technical team Leasing from HardSoft is as accessible for new companies as it is for established ones. We will always offer the same great deals, meaning that if you are just starting out you will not be penalised. We have helped so many companies build and expand with great IT at the right payment plan for them. With over 30 years as an IT specialist at credit broker we have the right deal for you.

Offering 3 years free warranty and telephone technical support, you will be getting an IT Help Desk included in your deal, saving you expensive IT deals. The collect, repair, return policy we have in place ensures that all machines with faults covered in warranty are collected by a courier, repaired in a timely manner and returned all free of charge. The inclusive remote support is manned by our highly trained team of technicians. 

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