Graphics Workstation Leasing and Hire

HardSoft can supply leading brands like HP, Dell and new to the HardSoft range, Strongbox Workstations. Born out of Pinewood Studios, Strongbox offer powerful Workstations that are unmatched in the Film & Media industry for 4K Editing, Video Rendering or Colour Grading.

Strongbox computers leasing and hire

The Strongbox K Series is ideal for single threaded applications and is perfect for film and media tasks such as rendering, compositing and colour grading. Certified for use with the full Adobe Creative Suite, this powerful Workstation features built-in upgrade paths to grow your machine with your projects.

Strongbox X

The Strongbox X Series are the top level Workstations  available and will manage any tasks thrown at it including all video and media grading or rendering and even the non-film industries including architectural designers, animators or 3D modelling. A no compromise Workstation that has the ability to grow with your requirements.  

Whatever the task in hand, Strongbox Workstations will greatly improve your work efficiency; tell us the software you use and Strongbox will individually optimize your Workstation to maximise performance. Although not cheap to buy outright, on a HardSoft Flexi-Lease Graphic Workstations have never been more affordable.

At HardSoft, we truly believe leasing will give you a boost in productivity within your financial budget, leaving you more money to spend on editing that movie, engineering a new design or creating exciting visuals.If you can’t find the computer you are looking for then please call us on 0207 111 1643 or use our web chat facility in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. 

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HardSoft have over 30 years experience, we have fine tuned our lease packages to suit business. We are sure that we have all bases covered from your payment scheme to the support included. Leasing comes at a lower rate than a bank loan and is tax efficient. The Return, Retain, Renew upgrade options available to a HardSoft customer mean that you can change your mind and your IT just 18 months in to a 36 month lease. You will never fall behind with outdated technology and you also have the option to keep your device from just £1 if you would like to keep it at the end of the lease.

The technical support that we offer is issued by our highly trained and professional technical team. You will not only save on external IT support but you will have peace of mind that we know what we are doing. 3 years FREE warranty is also inclusive and faulty machines are collected by a courier, repaired (including parts) and returned in a timely manner negating your down time. There is no excess or payment for this service as long as the repair is under warranty. 


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