Introducing the ‘Pure-Rental’

Get a sizeable discount when you choose to return your equipment at the end of the lease.

Historically, HardSoft has always offered the equipment to own at the term of your lease for a small sum. Customers buy their equipment to keep or to sell on. It has been a selling point of our Flexi-Lease that you can purchase the equipment at the end.

This is no longer the only option… To keep up with our customers’ needs, we have come up with the ‘Pure-Rental’. Click to quickly compare the differences between ‘Flexi-Lease’ and ‘Pure-Rental’.

The Pure-Rental explained…

Pure-Rental offers a BIG discount on your lease repayments by retracting the offer of ownership at the end of the lease. This means that the lease is effectively a ‘rental’. If you do decide at the term of the lease that you would like to keep the equipment, this is possible but at market rates.

For those who know that they are going to want to upgrade their machine after 3 years anyway, this is a much cheaper alternative for you. Depending on the spec of your equipment, you could benefit from a discount of 15-25%- that is a BIG saving!!

If you do decide to go ahead with Pure- Rental, you will not be able to renew your lease after only two years, as we offer on the Flexi-Lease. Have a look at what you could save on a brand-new Apple Mac when you choose Pure Rental over Flexi-Lease at checkout. 

Flexi-Lease Pure Rental Saving
13" MacBook Pro with Touch-Bar £15.45 £12.36 20%
15" MacBook Pro with Touch-Bar £20.35 £16.30 20%
21.5" iMac 4K £12.80 £10.24 20%
27" iMac 5K retina with i7 £21.40 £17.12 20%
iPad Pro 12.9" £6.90 £5.52 20%
iMac Pro £42.00 £31.92 20%

Due to the widespread success of the Microsoft Surface range, we’ve decided to roll out our Pure Rental lease to the Surface Pro 6, Surface Go &  Surface Book 2! 

Flexi-Lease Pure Rental Saving
Microsoft Surface Pro 6 £11.50 £9.78 15%
13.5" Surface Book 2 with i7 £16.50 £14.03 15%
15" Surface Book 2 with i7 £26.95 £23.32 15%
Surface Go £4.90 £4.17 15%

New start business?

Pure Rental is a fixed-term solution. We offer a huge discount on premium hardware to encourage corporate business’ to expand their IT capabilities without being burdened with hardware responsibilities at the end of their lease. That’s why we offer our fantastic Flexi- lease option!. With built-in Flexibility & guaranteed ownership at the end of your lease for only £1!  

Example Pricing
Prices exclude VAT, subject to status. Payments are quoted weekly but can be paid monthly or quarterly. 

Pure-Rental does not offer the option to CANCEL or CHANGE like our Flexi-Lease. If you want the freedom to CHANGE, CONTINUE or CANCEL, then you should take a look at our Flexi- Lease solutions. The Flexi- Lease offers you more flexibility and you are able to cancel the lease and return your equipment after two years. You also have the option to own the machine for £1 at the term of the lease.

Save more money on your lease

The Pure-Rental is similar to Contract Hire or PCP on a new car. Helping you to spread the cost of an expensive machine, we can offer you great deals. This type of leasing is often referred to as an Operating Lease and means that you do not own the device at the end of your lease term. That is how we can offer such good prices, as we will be able to sell the machine at market rates at the end of the lease.

We will, of course, be willing to sell the machine to the leaseholder at the end of the lease, but this will be more than our Flexi- Lease nominal figure. Many companies know that they will want a refresh of equipment after 3  years and will benefit from this mode of leasing.

Choose between either our Pure- Rental or Flexi-Lease to suit your business needs. In today’s market, it makes perfect business sense.

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