Why Flexi Lease computers from HardSoft ?

HardSoft are unique. We are the only UK Company who specialise in IT Leasing AND are Authorised Stockists for Apple, HP, Lenovo and many more and offer some unique benefits:

why flexi lease

B2B Computer Flexi Leasing Explained!

Own your own business? Why lease your IT? Take a look at our animated video which explains it all.
Video Transcript

Change/Continue/Cancel Flexibility- a unique option after only 2 years of your Flexi-Lease. At this point of your lease your account manager will be touch to discuss the following options. Change - most customers choose to change, much like a mobile phone renewal, you can get a new machine whilst keeping the old machine. The first lease is cancelled and a new lease starts upon delivery of the new machine. This allows power hungry users to keep to date with the latest tech. In most cases the monthly cost stays the same but can increase a little depending on the specification of the new machine. Continue – another popular option which means you keep the existing equipment, pay the final year and then pay £1 to own the equipment. Cancel - simply you can choose to return the equipment and we will cancel the last year of your lease, there is no penalty to do this.

Fast Delivery

Easy, Next Day Delivery with easy paperwork- you can place your order today and, in many cases, have your equipment tomorrow. We do carry out a quick credit check but for established companies we can have the Flexi-Lease approved in 1 hour. All leasing paperwork is delivered by Email and we offer a unique “Swap it” service where our courier will collect the paperwork upon delivery. In some instances we use E-Sign paperwork which means you literally click 3 times and the lease paperwork is completed.

Tax Reflief

100% Tax Relief for business users – your whole Flexi-Lease payment is treated as a business expense and therefore 100% tax allowable. This means you can claim the whole payment against your profits and means leasing is cheaper than buying.

3 year warranty

3 Year Warranty, with Loan Device- all equipment is covered with a full 3 Year Warranty that offers a next day swap it with a loan machine option. There is no cost to your for repairs plus FREE telephone and remote dial up support for the whole lease. Our full warranty and support options are explained here.

why flexi lease

Flexible Credit Criteria- including for New Businesses - unlike our competitors we will look at finance for your company whether you are a new business or an established company. If your established 3 or more years then we would generally have a credit line open in just a few hours and email you some lease paperwork the same day. We help lots of new businesses and we are a partner with Start Up Loans. For a new business we may need some bank statements or accounts but can get a credit decision within 24 hours, for more details have a look here.

HardSoft have been offering flexible leasing to businesses small and large. We have thousands of customers who love what we do and offer and have a Gold Feefo award for customer service. The great thing about leasing computers with HardSoft is that you start by paying one monthly payment upfront meaning you no longer need to compromise on equipment that may seem too expensive, use our Flexi-Lease and it will fit perfectly into your budget.

How Flexible is Leasing? Change, Continue, or Cancel.

You're two years into your HardSoft Lease. What are your options now?

Just like your mobile phone contract you can cease your lease and roll into a new lease for brand new equipment. You can choose whether to keep the existing computer. Or use its value in part exchange in the new contract.

Choose Mac or PC, notebook or desktop. The choice is yours or you can return the equipment to us at HardSoft and the agreement is then cancelled. There is a £75 fee for collecting and reprocessing your computer, but all remaining payments are cancelled.

Finally, you can choose to continue paying for the remaining 12 months, at the end you will own except for a nominal cost which in most cases is just £1. We will write to you by post and email as the two years approaches to remind you of these options. Please get in touch. We're happy to talk through the options and your choice of new equipment at any time prior to the two-year anniversary.

Return, Retain or Renew- the benefits of Mac leasing

Return, retain, renew by HardSoft is a unique way to get new computers whilst managing your costs.

How does it work? Every two years you'll be given a renewal option where you can get new equipment whilst stopping the old lease. We will even give you the chance to own the old equipment. Or you can return it for a discount.

If you don't take the renewal after the third year. You have the option to keep the equipment for a payment of £1. No fuss, No hassle no complications. It's just like your mobile phone contract, but better. Return, retain and renew is available on all our Apple products.

So whether it's the new slimline iMac you're after or the all powerful Mac Pro you can be assured that a technology refresh is not out of reach. Call one of our Apple product professionals today or use our Web chat facility to find out how return, retain, renew can work for you.

B2B Computer Flexi Leasing Explained!

What's unique about hard soft flexi lease?

Our flexi lease allows you to renew after 24 months, a unique option giving you the very latest equipment for the same monthly cost, much the same as upgrading your mobile. However, at the end of the lease you can purchase equipment for just £1, guaranteed.

Our Competitors do not do this, they only offer a purchase option at the end for fair market value. A sum not agreed upfront and can be surprisingly expensive.

We offer leases to new start-ups and competitive discounts for larger orders. Our three-year warranty also includes free loan equipment and free cover for accidents. Trading over 25 years we are fully Apple authorised and HP preferred partners. We can help and advise you by phone, web chat or email. Or use our easy online ordering and receive equipment in just 48 hours.

Why Flexi-Lease
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