The Dell XPS Range

Lease a Brand New Dell XPS Laptop or Desktop From HardSoft.

Flexi-Lease guarantees you ownership of your Dell XPS & any leased equipment for just £1 at the end of your lease agreement. Taking out a Flexi-Lease with HardSoft ensures your weekly spend is put towards your equipment, enabling you to keep the hardware, enjoy your 3-year included Warranty & keep your businesses cash flow unrestricted.

Dell XPS range

Lease the Dell XPS 17 – 12th Gen from £24.90 Per Week!

Dell XPS 17 Laptop side view

Capture, edit, and share your creations on the 11th Gen Intel i7 processor faster than ever before. The XPS 17 has the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 installed which helps take your projects to the next level. Power through your intense workloads with up to 64GB memory, up to 2TB SSD of storage and up to 3 x faster wireless with Killer AX211 built on Intel WiFi6 Chipset. The XPS is Energy Star Certified and Gold Epeat Registered.  With 90% of parts being able to be easily recycled. Learn more

Lease the Dell XPS 15 12th Gen from £17.58 Per Week!

Dell XPS 15 9520 Laptop Side view

Enjoy the Dell XPS 15 Stunning display which offers a rich panel of colours at high resolution, Ensure you are working with Power! Fuel your creations with the perfect balance of size and performance. Deal with creative projects aided by the Intel 12Th Gen and Nvidia RTX 3050 Ti. The 13 hour battery Life can ensure you have enough time and power to work on the move, in different spaces and at home with ease…Learn more

Lease the Dell XPS 13 11th Gen from £11.85 Per Week!

Dell XPS Laptop 13 side view

his 13″ display is like no other, with HDR content’s superior dynamic range with Dolby Vision, which can deliver colours never before seen on SDR PC displays. equipped with the intelligent and fast 11th Gen Intel Core processor and Intel Iris Xe graphics which makes all of your tasks much easier and smoother.Combining excellence and a sleek design, you get the ultimate in performance, looks and power for your business needs. Find out and Learn more

Lease the Dell XPS Tower from £15.20 per week!

Dell XPS Tower front view in grey

The Dell XPS Tower is now bigger and better than ever! It has unprecedented performance, innovation and power than ever before. Featuring the new 12th Gen Intel core processors and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Cards that helps give a boost to those huge work-tasks and takes your business into a real-world hybrid performance that distributes processing power to where you need it most. Learn more

Flexi-Lease Most Popular: Options to upgrade & own - Pure Rental Straightforward: Return at end for our lowest cost
Devices for teams Multiple Devices: Add, return as you need - find out more

If you’re constantly on the move, or have limited office space, a laptop will be ideal. A laptop is a light, all-in-one machine with a built in display for you to work efficiently from anywhere. Being able to work efficiently at all times can be vital for your workday. If you have a static working space a desktop might be more beneficial. A fixed space to work gives you an opportunity to have a PC with more power, quicker graphics cards, and more monitors! They also tend to be more customisable than laptops, so you can tune your PC to meet your needs.

The Dell XPS 17 comes with colossal power. Designed for ultimate performance, this laptop is equipped with an Intel i7 processor for a fast and responsive experience. Combined with its brilliant graphics, it’s ideal for professionals looking for next level content creation capabilities. Supreme storage and memory options on a 15.6” 4K UHD display make light of intense workloads!

The Dell XPS 13” is the lightest in the range, weighing just 1.2kg! Dell’s flagship notebook is ideal for the commuting professional, and comes with a sleek design, excellent battery life, USB-C ports, brilliant performance when you’re on the move, and can easily fit in to a rucksack!

The Dell XPS 8940 is the desktop that will work for the most number of people, making it a brilliant choice for your office. The Dell XPS 8940 is an intensive performer with its i7 CPU that will power through the workday, keeping the team productive! NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics cards allows users to unleash their creative side!

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