What’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2020 3D CAD

Large Assembly Drawings for Working Faster

Work with drawings much faster with the addition of detailing mode which allows users to open drawings without opening the model, but still make changes to drawings, thus vastly increasing speeds in opening and closing drawings. Also the addition graphics acceleration for drawings vastly increase frame rates during drawings, meaning that working with drawings is now a much faster process, especially with large assemblies.

Faster assembly design

use Envelope Publisher to include components from a top-level assembly as an envelope in a sub-assembly, instead of creating duplicate components for references. To add to this new functionality to large design reviews, such as creating mates and editing patterns while in large design review mode, mean that users can work much faster with large assemblies.

Flexible Components:

Display parts in a different configuration in the same assembly, for example a fully lengthened/compressed spring. This will benefit users by allowing the assembly designs faster while keeping accurate B.O.M

Faster Sketching

Users can create sketches much faster with addition of new features such as silhouette entities which allows users to project the outline of component bodies to parallel planes and torsion continuity relation, which allows for G3 curvature between sketch curves.

Faster Calculations and Improved Accuracy for Simulation

Improved speed and accuracy for simulations as well as additional features such as deformation of pins and bolts (as connectors) and the ability to import temperatures to perform beam analysis. This means faster and more accurate simulations for users.

Improved Design Experience

Users now have access to an extensive list of commercial 3D printer volumes and create slices directly for from SOLIDWORKS geometry’s, saving time and simplifying task.

Expanded Interoperability with 3D Interconnect

Improvements in SOLIDWORKS 2020 mean it is even easier to collaborate with other data. Using SOLIDWORKS users can now drag and drop non-native SOLIDWORKS files into active part or assembly files. Users can now work with BREP data form DFX/DWg files and ICF files.

More Flexibility for Surfacing

in SOLIDWORKS 2020, improvements to SOLIDWORKS 2020 mean that users can identify face on a surface that cannot normally be offseted and offset with them. SOLIDWORKS 2020 also brings improvements to the thicken function, allowing user to specify more types of direction. These improvements speed up surfacing as well as opening more surfacing options.

Improvements to SOLIDWORKS Visualize:

SOLIDWORKS visualize now allows users to convert visualize files to AR/VR experiences as well as manage files with SOLIDWORKS PDM integration. This support of new file formats increases flexibility for users.

Connected Design-to-Manufacturing Ecosystem in the Cloud

SOLIDWORKS integration with 3D experience allows users to connect SOLIDWORKS to key tools through the 3D experience platform, share models between 3D experience and SOLIDWORKS as well as collaborate in real time and extend design ecosystem with capabilities such as subdivisional modeling, conceptual design, and product lifecycle and project management in the cloud. This allows for seamless product development workflows and the ability to extend them with new tools as your needs evolve.

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