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Business monitors that make the toughest tasks simple!

For some professionals, a cheap “Everyday” display is all they need for their daily workday tasks. Others however, particularly professionals working in the creative industry, need a high performing display to ensure demanding tasks requiring vibrant colours and image accuracy, are completed efficiently, and to the highest standard.

Samsung Display – S60UA

Samsung 24″ QHD USB-C Display – S60UA

Every piece of content that appears on this 24″ IPS, screen is stunningly accurate. The Samsung S60UA delivers new levels of precision thanks to its QHD display with HDR10 technology and 75Hz refresh rate. That’s not all! The Samsung S60UA also comes with a Docking Station Hub featuring USB-C ports that that come with 65W Charging power!

Samsung 27″ 4K UHD USB-C Display – S80UA

Samsung 27″ 4K UHD USB-C Display – S80UA

Explore every picture with this immersive 4K UHD display! The Samsung S80UA comes with 4x the number of pixels of an FHD display, so you’ll see every detail in enhanced depth. This is complimented with a variety of tilt, swivel, and pivot control points that allow you to mount your monitor in any environment, and USB type-C port with 90W charging that lets you power your laptop, and transmit data at incredible speeds, all through one cable! Avoid unnecessary stress and clutter!

Dell QHD 27 Display - S2722DZ

Dell QHD 27″ Display – S2722DZ

Connect whether you’re working from home or working in the office with the Dell QHD 27″ display that has a built-in camera, noise-canceling microphones, and dual 5w speakers so you can host meetings as well as connect virtually with your co-workers. This monitor has a versatile USB-C connection that delivers video, audio, data, as well as charges your laptop with up to 65 watts of power (even when the monitor is switched off) with the Always on Power Delivery feature.

HP Z27K G3 4K USB-C Display

Dell UltraSharp 31.5″ Display – U3219Q

Experience 4X more detail than Full HD with Ultra HD 4K resolution! The HP Z27K G3 display is the world’s first 31.5” 4K UHD monitor with VESA certified DisplayHDR 400 featuring HDR content playback support. The flicker-free screen with ComfortView is designed to optimise eye comfort, while PIP and PBP features make it easy for you to view content from two different computer sources simultaneously! With a USB-C cable that delivers up to 90W of power, charging your device, while transmitting data, video and audio at the same time, this complex monitor keeps things simple!

Providing our Customers with Tech Solutions Since 1984

With 35 years in this industry, serving more than 5000+ customers, you get peace of mind and a guarantee when you lease your display from us. All the equipment we supply is brand new. Our solutions are geared to meet specific business needs.

When you take out a lease with HardSoft you are entitled to 3 years FREE Warranty. We even offer a loan device if you ever need to have repairs on your machine, mitigating the time that you are out of action.

There are no up-front costs included in our leases, just your first rental*. We offer free next day delivery and telephone technical support for all of our customers.

Flexi-Lease Most Popular: Options to upgrade & own - Pure Rental Straightforward: Return at end for our lowest cost Devices for teams Multiple Devices: Add, return devices as you need Short Term: Temporary: Hire by day or by week; up to 12 months

*An admin fee will be applied by our Direct Debit collector with the first payment & is normally £50.

Display FAQ’s

USB-C displays are becoming more and more popular among professionals, and with good reason! A USB-C display offers a number of useful features which gives it a clear advantage over monitors that don’t have this connector. A USB-C monitor allows for better support of high resolution monitors, guaranteeing high image quality. It also allows you to charge and use your laptop at the same time, saving valuable desk space! View our full range of USB-C displays here.

To put it simply, it’s 4X the detail of HD! Standard HD displays will give you 1920x1080p, resulting in a picture of more than 2 million pixels. A 4K resolution screen gives you 3840x2160p, giving you roughly a huge 8.3 million pixels, resulting in better clarity, better vibrancy, and better sharpness of picture. It also means having a larger monitor won’t result in any loss in picture quality. With more content being produced in 4K, it’s becoming the new standard HD, meaning a 4K monitor is essential for your viewing experience.

Here at HardSoft, we find that the 27” monitors are the most popular size displays with our customers, and with good reason! Monitor sizes have been increasing over the past few years thanks to higher-resolution screens, and a 27” display strikes a great balance between screen size and free desk space.

EIZO displays are created with viewing images in mind! The vast range of EIZO monitors are ideal for photographers of all levels, ensuring you’ll achieve the exact colours you want in your photos. A wide variety of professional photographers use EIZO displays because their calibrated screens are precise and reliable, and help them be noticeably more efficient during their workday.

Typically desktop computer monitors fall between 19 and 38 inches. Those with extra space will have capacity for a larger display which typically range between 40 and 50 inches. The biggest monitors we have at HardSoft are 55 inches, but if you need a bigger display please Contact Us

We have chosen the 27″ Samsung Odyssey G7 display which is perfect for gaming! With 240Hz refresh rate, curved WQHD screen, QLED technology, and Infinity Core Lighting, Samsung have delivered a display to fully immerse you in your gaming world!

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