The latest HTC VIVE VR devices are all available to lease

Your business can now take advantage of the latest in VR technology. Here at HardSoft, we have the HTC VIVE range on offer on our Flexi-Lease solution which allows you to have guaranteed ownership for only £1 at the end of your lease agreement and with THREE years warranty as standard.

HTC VIVE Cosmos headset with controllers

Lease the HTC VIVE Cosmos and dive into a virtual reality experience like no other for your business. The VIVE Cosmos is has state-of-the-art technology and mods. This virtual reality device comes with 6 camera sensors and accurate tracking via wide field view. The VIVE Cosmos can pair with a wide range of VR-ready PC desktops and laptops which are available at HardSoft so no need to have a base station. The HTC VIVE Cosmos is available on ‘Devices for Teams’ from HardSoft; the only DaaS solution that is truly scalable and agile.

HTC Vive Focus Plus front view

The innovative VR HTC Vive Focus Plus is made for businesses in mind. With cutting edge technology that can cater to a wide range of businesses, you will be taking your business to the next level. Lease the HTC Vive Focus Plus and manage your VR devices from a centralised platform, you can also go where your users are and transport, maintain and deploy with ease. If you need any information regarding the HTC VIVE Focus Plus, then don’t hesitate to get in touch; Over the phone on 0207 111 1643, via our Contact Us page.

The HTC VIVE Pro delivers an unbelieveable VR experience: True-to-Life tracking, ultra-vibrant colours and realistic sounds bring your worlds to life. We have also available the VIVE Pro Eye that allows businesses to see what their users see and gather insights on their user experience. The VIVE Focus Plus headset allows customers to design and scale for quality, portability, and deployment. The VIVE Cosmos is a portable solution that has no need for external sensors.

HTC Vive Pro Eye with headphones and front visor

You can now start leasing the HTC VIVE Pro Eye from HardSoft. You now have the opportunity to propel your business through precision eye-tracking. On the HTC VIVE Pro Eye, you can track and analyze eye movement, attention and focus from a customer on your website. Start gaining insights about user performance and interaction on your website through this powerful technology. Your VR device can make it a more intuitive experience. If you need more information regarding the HTC Vive Pro Eye, then don’t hesitate to get in touch; Over the phone on 0207 111 1643, via our Contact Us page.

Flexi-Lease gives you all the options – you can opt to CHANGE, CONTINUE or CANCEL. HardSoft offer a 3-year warranty package that will make sure you’re secure and supported. Leasing from HardSoft is great for businesses – take advantage of our great offers on the latest tech! The HTC VIVE VR Devices has the option to swap for a new VR device after 2 years. Or if you’re bigger consider our agile solution ‘ Devices For Teams’

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