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Trade up to M3

Trade in your M1 and Trade up to the M3
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Trade in your M1 MacBook and Trade up to the M3 Chip!

Trade in your MacBook M1 and Trade up to the M3 Chip!

Introducing the Ultimate Upgrade: Trade In Your M1 MacBook and Elevate Your Experience with the M3 Chip!

Are you ready to take your computing power to the next level? Say goodbye to your trusty M1 MacBook and say hello to the future with our exclusive trade-in program. Upgrade to the cutting-edge M3 Chip and experience a whole new world of performance, speed, and efficiency.

What is the difference of the M1 and M3?

Upgrade your computing experience with the M1 vs. M3 face-off. While the M1 wowed with octa-core brilliance, the M3 takes it further, offering an unmatched performance boost and advanced GPU configuration for graphics mastery. Efficiency and endurance are elevated, making the M3 the ideal choice for sustained power. This isn’t just a chip; it’s a commitment to staying ahead and ensuring your device is future-ready. Elevate your experience – embrace the power of the M3.

Want a bigger screen?

MacBook Pro 16 M3 PRO space black

MacBook Pro 16-inch – M3 Pro, 512GB SSD

The MacBook Pro 16-inch, driven by the powerful M3 chip and equipped with a capacious 512GB SSD, emerges as an impressive and adaptable laptop tailored for professionals and power users. Its expansive 16-inch Liquid Retina XDR display delivers an immersive and visually stunning experience, ideal for demanding tasks like video editing, graphic design, and programming. Learn More!…


Sonnet Echo DualFront view image of an Sonnet Tech Docking Station

Sonnet Echo Dual NVMe dock is compatible with all Thunderbolt 4 computers and all M2 Macs and all Thunderbolt 3 Mac and Windows computers. It is even compatible with iPad Pro tablets with a thunderbolt port. The dock allows you to connect an Apple Pro Display XDR as well. Learn more!…


Why Upgrade to the M3 Chip?

The M3 Chip is designed to deliver lightning-fast performance, thanks to its advanced architecture and optimized processing capabilities. Say goodbye to lag and hello to seamless multitasking, whether you’re working on complex projects or enjoying your favorite multimedia. The M3 Chip is not just powerful; it’s also incredibly efficient. Enjoy longer battery life and reduced energy consumption, ensuring that you can stay productive throughout your day without constantly searching for an outlet. Investing in the M3 Chip means you’re future-proofing your device. Stay ahead of the curve with a chip that’s designed to handle the demands of tomorrow’s software and applications seamlessly.

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