Short Term & Temporary IT Rental

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Business customers can choose Short Term Hire laptop offers…

Apple MacBook Pro for One month from £65 plus VAT per week , or if you prefer PC we are also offering Windows Laptop for One Month from £23 plus VAT per week

Do you need short term hire for your employees on PC’s, Laptops, Mac’s iPads and more to Work from Home? … Look no further. It’s Fast, Easy, and Simple

Hire IT! Hire it pink square inset HIRE IT!

Our ‘Flexi-Lease’ is the alternative to the outright purchase of your IT needs with payments spread over three years but we now also offer short term hire. You may though have a short term requirement where you need to rent, then return the equipment – for a project or the need for extra capacity in busy periods then we can offer short term hire from 1 day to 3 months. Extensions can be added Note this is only for business users. Prices include nationwide UK delivery and collection to a single location & collection. We can ship to multiple addresses for an extra cost. All kit is ready to run ‘out of the box’ and we can add Microsoft Office 2016 if you need it.

Short-term laptop lease is an option for your business to temporarily expand IT infrastructure- whenever & wherever you need to… Hire from just a few days to a few weeks.

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    **Offer spec for short term hire is HP ProBook 650 Laptop- i5 CPU/8GB RAM/256GB SSD/ 15.6″ FHD/Win 10 Pro- Other options available!

    Delivery within 24 hours!

    Apple, Surface, Lenovo, HP & many more are all available and in stock right now! Just let us know what you need & we’ll deliver ASAP.

    We’ve got all your IT needs

    Simply fill out the contact form below & we’ll get back to you ASAP, once agreed we’ll send your devices out on 24hr delivery.

    Best Price Guarantee

    Top quality hardware that’s always available at short notice at the best price! Make an enquiry below for a quick quote.

    Get Started Right Away

    Complete & ready to go! Just turn your devices on and you’re off! No lengthy setup required & 0 downtime.

    What are you looking for? Let us know via the contact form below. Indicate, as clearly as possible, what equipment you think you will need and during which period. You can get a laptop rental for working at home and all the accessories you need to do this. If you aren’t sure then just give us an indication of what you are looking for and our specialist team will work with you to find the perfect solution for you!

    Devices for teams Multiple Devices: Add, return as you need - find out more

    FAQ’s on Short Term Hire of Computers…

    Delivery- Prices include delivery & collection charges to one location. Shipping/Coolection to multiple locations is available at £30 per location. Equipment is delivered the working day before the Rental period begins and is collected the next working day after the period has expired. Please retain all packaging for these transit purposes. Should we need to re-supply suitable packaging a fee of £50 will be applied. If we are unable to collect the equipment after the Rental has expired you will be invoiced Pro-rata for the additional time you have retained the equipment + 50% unless prior consent has been agreed.

    Support- Any equipment failure should be reported to our Technical department for resolution. Any downtime will be credited back to you whilst we replace the equipment. All equipment is supplied with the latest Mac OS in a ‘ready to run’ state. You are free to ‘wipe’ the data/hard drive before you return the equipment. Our telephone Technical department will be pleased to help with integration of your Rented equipment into your existing systems & peripherals. Support is only available during normal business hours. You are free to ‘wipe’ the data/hard drive before you return the computers.

    Insurance is your responsibility. Any loss or damage you will indemnify us for. We will demand payment within 30 days of loss/damage. We will not accept payment directly from your insurers. Equipment cannot leave the UK mainland without proof that insurance cover is in place to cover this.

    Payments – All short term hire computer costs are due in advance. Once we have agreed the Rental with you, we will email you a Pro-forma Invoice and short term rental contract for you to sign and return. Payment must be by Credit/Debit card. We do not accept cash/cheques. Prices Exclude VAT

    The Benefits of Hiring your IT…

    Cope with fluctuating demands

    Do you have busy periods where you need additional IT to help cope with demand? Maybe you’re on the way to an event or trade-show? HardSoft can deliver all the equipment you need on 24hr delivery, and once you’re finished, our couriers will come and take it off your hands! Use us on demand, whenever, for whatever!

    – Rent for exactly how long you want!

    You can rent for as long as you want from just one day to a whole year. Need longer? You can discuss options with your account manager, and maybe even try leasing. Rent affordably with our lowest price guarantee.

    Flexible rental contracts

    You can have the equipment you need, when and where you want it. From one projector and screen for a couple of hours at a conference to a full business IT system and if you need to extend or cut short the rental period, just let us know as required.

    Tax-deductible expense

    If you rent IT equipment, all rental payments are 100% tax-deductible in the year they are made and don’t appear on the balance sheet!

    Predictable outgoings

    We offer affordable IT rentals giving you and your business a predictable, accountable & transparent outgoing whilst providing you with all the IT equipment you need, as and when you need it.

    – Stay up to date

    With renting you have the ability to always have the latest technology, without the expense of buying and throwing out obsolete equipment. Do you need it? Rent it right now from HardSoft.

    Computer leasing and IT hire from HardSoft

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