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Sony A6400

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It's your creative companion, ready to bring your artistic vision to life.

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Designed to fuel your passion for photography and videography

With its impressive combination of advanced technology, exceptional image quality, and portability, the A6400 is your gateway to capturing stunning visuals and telling captivating stories like never before.

24.2-Megapixel Exmor CMOS Sensor: The Sony A6400 features a high-resolution APS-C sensor that delivers outstanding image quality, rich colors, and remarkable clarity, allowing you to capture every detail with precision.

Lightning-Fast Autofocus: Thanks to its innovative Real-time Eye Autofocus and Real-time Tracking, the A6400 ensures your subjects are in sharp focus, even in fast-paced situations. It’s the perfect tool for capturing portraits, wildlife, and action shots.

4K HDR Video Recording: Elevate your videography with 4K HDR video capabilities, providing you with stunning cinematic quality and vibrant colors. Create professional-grade videos with ease.

180-Degree Tiltable LCD Screen: The tiltable touchscreen LCD makes it effortless to frame your shots from various angles and navigate settings with intuitive touch gestures. Perfect for vlogging and selfies.

Impressive Low-Light Performance: With excellent ISO performance and low noise levels, the A6400 ensures outstanding results even in challenging lighting conditions, making it ideal for nighttime photography and indoor shooting.

High-Speed Continuous Shooting: Capture fast-moving subjects with a rapid burst shooting speed of up to 11 frames per second, ensuring you never miss the perfect moment.

Compact and Lightweight Design: The A6400’s portable design makes it a versatile companion for on-the-go photography and videography, allowing you to explore new horizons without being weighed down.

Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC: Seamlessly transfer your photos and videos to your smart devices for quick sharing and remote control via the Sony Imaging Edge mobile app.

Wide Range of Compatible Lenses: Explore Sony’s diverse lineup of E-mount lenses to further enhance your creative possibilities, from ultra-wide to telephoto and everything in between.

The Sony A6400 is not just a camera; it’s your creative companion, ready to bring your artistic vision to life. Whether you’re capturing portraits, landscapes, travel adventures, or vlogs, this camera empowers you with exceptional versatility and performance. Elevate your photography and videography with the Sony A6400: Where Innovation Meets Creativity. It’s not just a camera; it’s your key to unlocking limitless visual storytelling.

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