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Part-Exchange your old Apple Mac, iPhone or iPad for a new device!

Apple Mac products hold their value unlike PC’s. That’s why we can offer part-exchange on all your old Apple devices. When it’s time for you to upgrade don’t let your old devices hold you back and realise the value sitting on your desk.

  1. Find your Apple Device’s Serial number (Find out how to find your Apple Serial number here)
  2. Input the serial number of all your unwanted Apple device
  3. Build your Discount & find out how much you could save!
  4. Press ‘Submit’ & you’ll be sent a unique discount code to redeem when you Checkout with HardSoft.

Your Journey to a new Mac starts with our online instant valuation on your old Apple devices… & we pay TWICE** as much as others.

The trade-in value displayed is a weekly equivalent (excluding VAT) that are deducted from all your direct debit payments for the duration of any three-year lease. We are an Authorised Apple stockist & our trade-in values won’t be beaten! Currently, we are paying nearly twice as much as others.

Trade in your old Mac & Apple equipment for money off your next lease!

    Enter your details below & get your discount code to redeem at checkout.

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    FAQ’s when you Trade-In your Apple device 

    Q: How do I ship my item to you?
    A: We’ll ask you to ensure that your item is safely packed in a box, or wrapped up tightly to prevent damage in transit. We will arrange for a courier to collect the item from you free of charge on a day & from a location to suit you.

    Q: Do you Part-Exchange PC’s?
    A: Yes we now do. Have a look at our Trade-in page for PC devices 

    Q: I have sensitive information on my hard drive, what do I do?
    A: Don’t worry, your Mac will be wiped of all data to MOD standards. GUARANTEED!

    Q: Can I have my Mac collected from a different address to my home address?
    A: Yes, we will collect your Apple Mac from any UK address.

    Q: When will the courier come?
    A: Our free courier service will arrive at any time between 9am and 5pm on a weekday at a location of your choice. This will be on a pre-agreed date and must be within 7 days of you receiving your new Apple Mac from us.

    Q: Does the Mac have to work to qualify for Trade-In?
    A: No it doesn’t, but please be honest about the condition of your Apple device. If you tell us its perfect and we collect it and find it’s faulty then we all have to have a difficult conversation and you could end up with a small bill.

    Q: What’s the oldest Apple Mac/iPad /iPhone you will accept for a Trade In?
    A: We will accept any Apple device from the year 2011 up to present/current Apple devices.

    Have a PC to Trade-In? We can Part-Exchange your Windows devices…

    Why Choose Flexi Lease? Change. Continue. Cancel.

    **Our Trade-In competitive comparison is based against and results were based over a period Jan to May 2019.

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