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Refer HardSoft to another business and earn yourself 750 points to spend on rewards! All we need is a name and email address to contact your referral, and we’ll add your points to your account.

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Fill out the form below to refer a business for Rewards for Teams. Alternatively, if you want a more personal approach, contact your Account Manager on 0207 111 1643 to provide the necessary details over the phone!

*The small print:

  • Both Email addresses must be a business email address and can’t be a Hotmail/Gmail style address.
  • Max of Three Vouchers per referrer/per organisation.
  • Both email addresses cant be from the same domain.
  • UK businesses only
  • Businesses must be actively trading (no home users or students)
  • You can’t refer yourself (eg use two different email addresses that are linked to the same person)
  • We will contact your Colleague via Email introducing ourselves and our offerings. They will have the option to Unsubscribe to any Emails and we will respect GDPR rules.