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HardSoft has been managing Networks for over thirty years take a look at our quick Network cost calculator that will allow us to supply and support your new PC Network on an easy monthly subscription. This is a three-year rental contract and the kit is yours at the end for a nominal fee, though we can continue to support the PC System beyond that. If you need a bespoke quotation then contact us.

Number of PC Users

Select any combination of standard or power spec PCs; minimum of five.

Standard Spec


Choose Standard and get an all-rounder PC Mini Tower with i5 CPU, 8GB RAM with a 22” Display. Configured with AVG CloudCare Anti-Virus.

Power Spec


Choose for Power Users a PC with an i7 CPU and 16GB RAM with 22” Display with AVG CloudCare Anti-Virus.

Office 365 Software

A choice of Office 365 Solutions – Either Office 365 ESSENTIALS that gives you Microsoft Exchange On-Line for all your centralised Outlook needs or if you want accessibility across multiple platforms & devices plus access to the latest versions of Office then we offer Office 365 PREMIUM. Both with 3 years subscription.

Number of Business Critical Applications


We need to work out how robust your Server needs to be. Do you use Sage or AutoCad or a bespoke software system? The more software you are running the more power your Server will need. All Servers are HP Proliant and we feature the HP ML10, ML150 & ML350. Servers are provide with all the extras needed to support including a UPS, Draytek Router and comprehensive Backup both onsite and in the Cloud.

Support & Installation Options

Just need the kit shipped then choose Bronze cover. If you want it installed with Helpdesk for three years then choose Silver and if you want pro-active IT maintenance and CyberSecurity protection then opt for Gold.

Do you require a Telephone Network?

A RingCentral Cloud phone system that includes a Handset per user with 750 minutes of calls per month. Fully featured with call recording, conferencing, fax, voice to email. Installed and maintained and your numbers ported.

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