Good Business Charter

We are proud to be accredited by the Good Business Charter. This commits us to conduct our business in a clear, fair, and transparent way while providing our staff with a living wage and other benefits to help with their well-being.

There are a total of ten areas to which we will be held to account. These include our approach to environmentally friendly practices, our commitment to stakeholders and ensuring our products are ethically sourced.

Continue reading this page to learn more about how we’re upholding the high standards set by the GBC.

We commit to the 10 components set out by the GBC

Good Business Charter - Living Wage

Real living wage

We are a Living Wage Employer, paying each employee and contracted staff the regular living wage or above.

Good Business Charter - Fairer Hours

Fairer hours and contracts

We commit to providing contracts with guaranteed hours, with flexi-time available for anyone on request.

Good Business Charter - Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing

We have clear, fair and transparent policies that support and promote employee well-being and ban unreasonable penalties for legitimate sickness.

Good Business Charter - Employee Representation

Employee representation

We will engage with worker representatives and ensure there is a voice that represents the needs of all employees.

Good Business Charter - Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion

We will commit time and money to creating an inclusive workplace and we will monitor the diversity of our workforce.

Good Business Charter - Environmental Responsibility

Environmental responsibility

We care about the environment and have an environmental policy to demonstrate how we reduce our environmental impact and look to improve our environmental performance.

Good Business Charter - Pay Fair Tax

Pay fair tax

We commit to pay all taxes, not engage in tax avoidance, and be transparent with HMRC.

Good Business Charter - Commitment to Customers

Commitment to customers

We are committed to providing our customers, partners and other stakeholders the best experience when they do business with us. We proudly publish customer feedback on our websites.

Good Business Charter - Ethical Sourcing

Ethical sourcing

We commit to the standards set out in the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code and regularly challenge our suppliers, such as Apple, Microsoft and Lenovo on the ethically-sourced products.

Good Business Charter - Prompt Payment

Prompt payment

We are signatories of the government’s Prompt Payment Code, committing to pay suppliers on time and give them clear guidance on payment procedures.

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