Apple Mac & PC Trade-In

Trade-In your Apple Devices!

Businesses users can get Cash on your old Mac or get a discount when you take out a new lease on a Mac.

Apple Mac products hold their value unlike PC’s. That’s why we can offer part-exchange on all your old Apple devices. When it’s time for you to upgrade don’t let your old devices hold you back and realise the value sitting on your desk. Click here to arrange your Trade-In collection.

  1. Find your Apple Device’s Serial number (Find out how to find your Apple Serial number here)
  2. Input the serial number of all your unwanted Apple device
  3. Enter Your Serial Number For Your Apple Devices Below


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      Environmental Promise

      Recycle Apple products at HardSoft. Our third-party Trade-In partners are a recycling company who focus on re-use. They’re a registered waste carrier with the UK Environment Agency. If your Mac is disassembled for parts rather than re-sold, any parts or materials that cannot be re-used in any way are recycled responsibly using material-specific recycling services including Virogreen & BatteryBack. However, such material processing still consumes energy and produces waste. They believe that re-use is the ultimate form of recycling which is why they strive to make every conceivable part of every Apple product available for the repair of other faulty Apple products which would otherwise end up being recycled or binned themselves. From the big parts like logic board & LCDs down to individual screws & key caps. Keeping one faulty machine out of the bin and re-using it’s working parts can fix a dozen other machines and keep them from the bin. We have also introduced our PreLoved range, where our customers send back their items that they no longer want and we offer them at a cheaper rate on an 18 month term.

      Trade-In FAQ’s

      We’ll ask you to ensure that your item is safely packed in a box, or wrapped up tightly to prevent damage in transit. We will arrange for a courier to collect the item from you free of charge on a day & from a location to suit you. Please click here to arrange collection.

      This will need to be within 7 days of receiving your new Apple device from us. We will discuss with you prior to this when is best for you to collect your trade-in.

      The trade-in amount will be depending on the condition and the type of device that you are trading in. We can give you an instant trade-in value and how much that will be deducted from your lease.

      Any Mac Desktop, MacBook, iPad or iPhone can qualify for trade-in.

      Don’t worry, your Mac will be wiped of all data to MOD standards. GUARANTEED!

      Yes, we will collect your Apple Mac from any UK address.

      No it doesn’t, but please be honest about the condition of your Apple device. If you tell us its perfect and we collect it and find it’s faulty then we all have to have a difficult conversation and you could end up with a small bill.

      We will accept any Apple device from the year 2011 up to present/current Apple devices.

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