Typical Hardsoft Training Session

What do we do in our training?

To enable you to make the most of your new tablets, we recommend you take advantage of our free training sessions. Let us run your staff meeting for you, to enable more of your staff to take part in our training. The session will consist of:

How to use your tablet

Helpful hints and tips that show you how to use your device, focusing on tools that are helpful in the classroom and shortcuts.

Inbuilt Apps to help you to fulfil the full potential of your device

Every device comes packed with tools that can be utilized in the classroom. Making the most of these apps, to help you to gain confidence in using the device and familiarize yourself with the device.

A core set of Apps that can be used cross-curricular. In this section, we will guide you to make the right App choices and alert you to the pitfalls of downloading too many apps or the wrong ones.

The training can be tailored to suit your needs and we are happy to discuss how you would like the session to run beforehand. Our aim is for you to feel confident and excited to use your devices in the classroom.

Your ongoing success is important and we aim to provide support and information throughout your contract. Your dedicated education coordinator will continuously provide information on any apps or lessons that would suit your school. With changing staff and new technology emerging all the time you can request that we return for a refresher course at any time.

As we do not charge for our training, we ask that our schools also advise us on apps, ideas and pitfalls that they have faced. This information is invaluable for us to help all schools.

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