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Free Training and ongoing Support for all HardSoft’s Education customers

Free Training

At HardSoft we know that training is essential to success of any ICT deployment. We, therefore, offer free training as standard on all orders.

The introduction of new technology can prove a daunting task for many teachers, however with our training we can ensure personal development and help bring teachers on board to see the true benefits to the student.

Ultimately we aim to ensure that your new tablets are not just a substitute for existing teaching processes but to evolve the pedagogy of your school.

We offer the following approaches that can be tailored to suit your needs.

  • Training for your ICT coordinator. Depending on the proficiency with the device of your ICT coordinator one of our trainers will come in to discuss best use and details of the devices.
  • Twilight sessions/ staff meetings. A trainer will address your staff meeting thereby reaching a larger audience. This benefits users of all levels. For further information on how the session will run click HERE. link to new Hardsoft iPad training session page
  • Inset days. We are happy to arrange a full day of training for a number of staff on one of your inset days. This can run as 3 basic 90 minute training sessions with up to 25 members of staff for each session. Alternatively we can spend the whole day with one group of teachers that is tailored to suit your needs. This can also involve more in depth look at specific apps and how to use them in a lesson.

Technical support

On every Apple learning lab we supply HardSoft provide free of charge training from our experienced technical support staff. This includes:

  • MDM management
  • Apple Volume Purchase Program setup
  • Apple Device Enrollment Program setup
  • Synching of Apps to devices
  • Day to day maintenance and integration to your existing server system

Training for your 1:1 project

Implementing a 1:1 project in your school?

ongoing support

HardSoft is here to assist on all levels and at all stages of development to effectively train your staff and students. Following consultation with you to determine your ICT goals, we will advise on the right products, how to integrate with existing systems and iron out any wifi issues. Subsequently we will advise you on the long- term management of your mobile device project.

HardSoft will organize training for the SLT, planning team and roll out to all staff and students. We encourage student “champions” who can partake in their own training session and be a first reference point for other students. They can also be provided with a presentation to roll out to their class or peer group.

Find out more about the 1:1 process HERE

Workshops and specific app training

free training

As a customer of HardSoft, you have access to all of our experience and knowledge. If you are interested in running a particular class but are uncertain which app to use or want to use an app but are not confident to use it, we can help. Contact your education coordinator at any time to discuss or arrange a time for them to come in and support your learning.

We can send you all of the information and solutions you need or come in to class and run an iPad lesson with you. For an idea of the Apps that we recommend click check our Blog ongoing for news and reports.