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HardSoft Training Solutions

training solutions

Helping to develop your staff, students and curriculum to move to your Vision.

At HardSoft we know we can supply and support your hardware. We are also very aware that training is essential to success of any ICT deployment. If your schools vision is 1:1 iPads for all pupils then we will engage with all parties and organise training for the SLT, Planning Team and ICT. But more than that we will train and boost confidence of staff, roll out lesson plans and organise special events for pupils and parents to discuss the benefits of iPad learning.

We can train everyone

Staff Training
Sometimes the introduction of new technology can prove a daunting task for many teachers. However, with our training we can improve their Personal Development and help bring teachers on board to see the true benefits to the student. Ultimately we aim to ensure that new ICT is not just a substitute for existing learning but truly becomes part of your schools learning process.

On every Apple learning lab we supply HardSoft provide free of charge training for ICT professionals. We cover topics such as MDM management, Apple Volume Purchase Program setup, deployment of Apps to devices, day to day maintenance and integration to your existing Server system, commonly using Active Directory.

Curriculum Development
Flexibilty and knowledge are key to providing a constructive approach to improving the schools curriculum. It will be your vision that drives the training forward and will dictate which Staff areas are trained first to enable you to focus on particular areas. HardSoft can adapt any training program to ensure we offer the best value for money. Traditional training days can be hard to organise with staff and recently we have found more success with staff training after school or during your weekly meetings. We are also happy to deliver one to one with staff, co-delivering with students or even come into the classroom to run a full iPad based lesson with you.

training solutions

Developing your Vision
At this level we are looking to work with your Planning team to achieve your goals with ICT. This training is with your SLT and geared towards the long term management of you mobile device project. HardSoft have a wealth of skills and expertise to help you plan, organise and look to the future. This may include meetings about changes to the Syllabus, planning for 1:1, integration with existing IT systems, wi-fi issues and testing new products.