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iPads for Schools


  • Low month cost for the parent
    (as little as £11.50)
  • Access to the latest technology
  • No upfront payment or deposit
protect your device badge
  • No credit check (for parent)
  • Full warranty and accidental
    damage cover
  • No risk for the School

At HardSoft we understand the importance of moving with the times and keeping up to date with the latest technology. As a solution to schools trying to fund iPads, we have introduced a parental lease scheme. The portal is easy to use and means that the parent assumes the finances. There is no exposure to the school and allows the parent to access brand new equipment on an easy to pay monthly direct debit.

HardSoft will collect the parent's payments for you, as they have the full warranty and accidental damage cover there is never any argument of further paying out. They will be fixed in a timely manner negating the downtime if a machine is broken or stops working.

Our technical staff will make delivery and help to set up your devices. Our dedicated training team will arrange time to come in and train staff, ICT co-ordinators and pupils.

The parents pay the rental on the equipment net of VAT, so have an immediate 20% saving over purchasing an iPad and have an easy to pay monthly DDM.

The Parental portal we have in place is quick and very easy to use. Users only need to choose their iPad and add their direct debit details to receive their device. The school has full visibility of payments, insurance and warranty claims (with real time updates) and all lease details. The website is encrypted and protected so no details are accessible. Your personalised Web Portal acts as a one stop shop for all of your needs from the payment to insurance, warranty and has great visibility.

Parents are already supporting schools by purchasing items such as text books and scientific calculators. We have found that parents are eager for their child to have the best technology to assist with their education. This means that they are open to helping to pay. With the iPad going home each day, parents can really see the benefits. At a small monthly cost, the iPad lease is similar to paying a monthly phone bill.

HardSoft are Apple Authorised and are licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority with all contracts compliant to the contractual governance of Local education Authorities. As we Keep the costs so low, the iPads are accessible to a majority of the families.

Because we want you to succeed, we will be on hand every step of the way. With our free training and technical support you will not have to worry about extra hidden costs. With insurance written in to the price, the school will not be liable for damage. We also add a GAP insurance to these leases, this ensures that if any student leaves, the school are not liable for the future payments.

The iPads remain the property of the school for the duration of the scheme (two years or three years) however the child has full use of the device both at home and at school. Parental contributions are a charitable donation towards the programme, not a payment towards the iPad. It is not a lease or purchase scheme. However, at the end of the scheme, if families wish to take ownership of the iPad, the school will make a payment on their behalf (at market value) and transfer ownership to them.