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Comprehensive 3 Year Equipment Protection for Apple iPads

A main concern for our customers has always been how fragile IT equipment can be, especially in the hands of students, in a school environment. Even the most careful of user can easily have an accident. Replacing and repairing damaged goods can be difficult and costly.

With our leases, we include accidental damage cover for all. This not only simplifies the process of repair but also costs you nothing.

We will repair your device in a timely manner.

Our courier will collect from you within 24hrs and will return at a specified time. Our workshop will endeavor to have all repairs completed within 48 hours. If the repair were to take any longer we would keep you fully up to date on all information. From our experience, we know the difficulties faced having broken equipment and how vital it is to have it returned to you quickly.

It will cost you nothing

We will pay for couriers and all repairs will take place in our reliable workshop. We will use parts to the highest grade and will not take any cheaper options. An iPad screen replacement will cost £150+ for you to repair personally.

Replacements offered

If your equipment cannot be returned within 48hrs and this is detrimental to you, we will lend you one of ours… We have a number of machines that are available to borrow should you need it.

All that will be required is a form recounting how any incident took place. There are no huge forms detailing all of your information, as we already hold it all, we can prepopulate these and expedite it to either send a replacement or repair in a timely manner.

ipad cases

For iPads in particular, we will send Free of charge cases, which are very strong. These cases are expected to be on the devices at all times to ensure that any breakage from dropping is negated. For any technical or software faults you will also have our 3 year inclusive warranty to cover you.


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