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Mission and Vision

Will my project work?

your mission

HardSoft will work together with you Senior Leadership Team to ensure your new Apple iPad project has the best chance to make a real difference at your school.

We hear all the time, "I need iPads for my schools". However the question must be asked, what is your vision ? Where do you want to be in 2 or 5 years time.

No one wants to be part of a failed rollout or project and that’s where we can offer free advice upfront to ensure you have all the correct elements to make it successful.

If you just want a suite of Classroom iPads then you need to ensure your Wifi infrastructure works well enough; teachers need to be on board; lessons need to be fun and different. Lets not give the pupil an iPad and do Maths, lets go outside, make a movie put it on YouTube and then Tweet about it to show the parents that kids are learning AND using the latest technology at the same time.

If your eventual aim is a 1:1 rollout so every pupil has an iPad, how do you get there. Firstly teachers need to have confidence on the device; a pilot scheme needs to be rolled out and then how do you offer them competitively priced to the parents. We must engage with everyone involved in the school to ensure this is not a 5 minute wonder.


With any strategic planning process there are a number of elements to be considered such as:

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Areas of Focus
  • Strategic Goals
  • Action Plans
  • Measurability

We don’t have all the answer but can meet and discuss these things in dpeths over a number of meetings that are of no cost to your establishment.

Ask yourself this- how many schools will have trolley full of iPads sitting there not being used- don’t be part of this group, talk to us and we can meet and discuss your vision.