Apple Learning Lab Leasing

Complete Classroom Solution cheaper to lease than buy.

This is our most popular item for all schools. Designed by Apple for schools, these unique packages allow you to manage up to 30 iPads using Apple Mobile Device Management. These Charge and Sync Trolleys house up to 30 iPads plus a large device such as a Mini or MacBook Air to configure the iPads whilst they charge as well. Lockable and on wheels you can easily and securely move your all your devices simply from class to class.

To further enhance the package, HardSoft bundle in a MacBook Air to enable you to configure the iPads. Plus, the package comes with two full days of training. One day includes MacBook installation at your school and on-site training to ensure your ICT staff understand how to deploy Apps on all the devices: we will cover the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) and Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP). The second day of training is targeted at your teachers and we can hold a day or a couple of twilight sessions to cover Apps, iPads hints and using them confidently in the classroom.

Included in this package from HardSoft is a full 3 years accidental damage cover, so any drops or spillages are all repaired under this scheme with no excess payment. Additionally, we include a 3 Year warranty package for immediate next day swap out on any hardware issues with the iPads, ensuring your student body always has a full complement of machines working at all times.

Apple's Device Enrollment program, USP & Logo's

All packages include:

1-day onsite installation by an engineer

1-day onsite training for teachers

3-year next day swap out warranty

3-year accidental damage equipment protection.

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