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Customer Testimonials

We Build Relationships

At HardSoft, our customer satisfaction is paramount! We love hearing how we have helped and supported schools in their IT rollout. Our special Computer Leasing packages include accidental damage cover and 3 years free waranty.

Every HardSoft lease also includes unique tailored free training package. By ensuring our customers are offered the right choices and are fully supported throughout the whole term of their lease, we find that not only are they pleased with their initial lease, but they keep coming back. If you don’t believe us, here are just a few examples...

Grange town school badge

“Working with Hardsoft has enabled us to equip several classes with up to date iPads, in a way that's financially manageable. Customer Service has been of the very highest standard - Hardsoft staff respond swiftly to queries, turn around orders quickly, and provide hands-on support with installation. Training is available if needed. Follow-up support is first class, and it's clear that Hardsoft values building a positive relationship with schools. Having access to this technology - for children and staff - has helped us to transform pupils' learning across the school. Though we're in the North East, and Hardsoft are in the South, this has not impinged in any way on Hardsoft's ability to meet our needs - when we have ordered kit it has been delivered and installed in person by Hardsoft staff, and they have met with our staff to discuss the technical side of things. I recommend Hardsoft fully, and without reservation, to other schools - our experience with the company over the past 3 years has been 100% positive.”
- Les McAnaney - Head of Grangetown Primary School, Sunderland

Ihsan Academy

“HardSoft have been a pleasure to do business with, making the leasing process simple and efficient. Leasing is the ideal option for us; it gives us ongoing technical support and peace of mind, with the added warranty. They also provided training for our staff, to ensure we get the best out of the technology. Everyday we are seeing the benefits of the iPads and we could never go back to teaching and learning without them.”
- Huda Pearn, Ihsan Academy Cardiff

Woolaston Primary School

“I think I would always consider leasing [iPads] in the future based on the experience I have had so far. We have been able to equip the school with the latest up to date technology and are safe in the knowledge that we have technical and breakdown support when we should require it. The nicest thing is also knowing that in three years time we can update our resources to match the ever evolving computing curriculum as well as meeting the needs of our pupils.”
- Sam Larner, Woolaston Primary School Gloustershire

Rushy Meadow Primary School

“The [iPad] training was excellent and fully informative. The apps displayed fit in perfectly with what we had planned to do with our learning platform and we were able to ensure new staff could use the iPads fully.

This also helped to boost the schools belief in technology, and with individuals who may not be as confident as others!

We would definitely recommend the training that we received. It complimented the training, which we provided at the school.”
- Harrison O’Neill, Rushy Meadow Primary School Carshalton

To explore the benefits further, we have undertaken a case study of one of our schools Albany Academy. This process has helped us to highlight where HardSoft really excel, our accidental damage cover and our offer of a replacement iPad to be used whilst repairs are being done has helped to keep Albany Academy consistently equipped.

Albany Academy, a case study.

Albany Academy in Chorley leases a full Learning Lab from HardSoft, making the iPad an affordable addition to the classroom. The Learning Lab consists of a suite of 30 iPads – ideal for loaning to each class – plus a trolley for convenient storage and safe transportation. Darren McGinnis, the ICT Manager, told us how it had changed their set-up.

Accounting for Risk

We’ve all seen kids handle expensive electronic equipment roughly; perhaps we’ve had a few repair bills for cracked screens, too. Children, however careful, are always going to be accident prone, and a device like an iPad can be expensive to fix.

Darren’s experience at Albany Academy bears this out, and adds, “The bonus with leasing is that the devices can be repaired if they break.” This is the main benefit for the ICT department, and the children who use the machines. HardSoft has handled repairs for the Learning Lab quickly to ensure no iPad was taken out of action for too long.

albany academy

HardSoft’s accidental damage insurance is ideal for situations where iPads are being loaned out of a pool supply, and it means kids can get the best use from the devices without having to be constantly supervised. Of course, individuals and business can also benefit from the same insurance, so they can get out into the field with their equipment and get a fast resolution if it’s broken.

Other Plus Points of a Learning Lab

Albany Academy previously used iPads and a Mac Mini, and has essentially leased the same package from HardSoft. The school believes that, despite running into problems with hardware, the new HardSoft arrangement is a more beneficial one for them.


“The pupils’ enjoyment of learning has increased,” says Darren. “Up to date, high-spec equipment brings in extra pupil numbers.” For teachers, the increased availability means more engaged pupils, and fewer iPads taken out of circulation because they’re not working.

Cost also has to be factored in when looking at the differences between buying and leading. Leasing Apple equipment makes the cost manageable, month-by-month, so the school can start using the equipment the moment it signs the agreement. Insurance is part of the deal. On the flipside, purchasing iPads outright is a riskier strategy that involves higher upfront cost, and there’s nobody on hand for advice or support if there’s a problem with one of the tablets.

HardSoft enables schools to realise the power of leasing. All of our leasing customers benefit from affordable instalments, flexible terms and the latest hardware. Whatever you need, we’re here to deliver top-of-the-range equipment at manageable rates. If your school or college would benefit from iPads, contact us give us a call or drop us an email on for your fast, no strings quote. We are waiting to help you.