1-to-1 schemes for schools

Looking to start a 1-to-1 scheme at your school? Why not let us help you get your project off of the ground. Whether the school is going to fund the project, or you are hoping to use our parental contribution portal, we can assist, support and advise on best practice. Although it can seem daunting at first, we can be on hand every step of the way to get you up and running.

Equipping every student at your school with an iPad, when done properly, will transform your school and education. Once you know what you want, HardSoft can help you to put that idea into practice.

The incentives to use HardSoft are:

Spread the cost of your devices

Training included

Accidental damage cover

Warranty for the duration of your lease

Telephone technical support

Free cases

We have tailored the school packages to ensure you will not have any hidden costs throughout the duration of your lease.

The accidental damage cover means all broken screens and damaged devices will be collected, mended and returned free of charge. This will be done in a timely manner, at no cost to you. This is true for our school lease and parental contribution scheme.

If you are worried about ‘down time’ we are also happy to offer a replacement loan device. The FREE cases provided are high quality and very durable, perfect for students. Our technical support- staff will not only set up your devices but are also on hand with telephone technical support throughout. The education department trainers will come to offer training to all staff, they are also available for support and any questions and difficulties you find come up at any time. We have built up a great community of users who are happy to share experiences with each other.

From the very beginning, the education team will be on hand to speak to parents, staff and pupils. Ensuring we get everyone prepared and ready to accept the change. We can help you take your initial vision and turn it into a reality. This process should be long and well thought out to get the best results for your school.

We will assist with the financial packages and solutions available to you, including our parental contribution solution, which will considerably lighten the load for the school and mean that the students can take their devices home to continue learning. We will also help you to explore all of the technical challenges you need to realise, such as infrastructure.

For your 1-to-1 scheme to be successful, you need to ensure that all of the following steps are taken and fully explored:

Discovering about your vision and how it fits in with your school ethos

Financing your project

Planning your rollout

Preparing everyone in the school and associated with it


Training implementation

Let us help you with your 1-to-1 rollout, start with speaking to one of our team today on 0207 111 1643 or contact us.

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