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Leasing for Schools FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions from Schools about leasing new computers for students

Why Lease?

Schools will lease for a number of reasons. The main two are to update equipment regularly and to assist with cash-flow (for example, yearly budgets may not be sufficient to purchase equipment outright). Today, virtually anything can be leased, with the most common items being iPads, desktops, laptops, notebooks and other IT Equipment.

What options can you offer my School?

Typically we deal with 2 types of enquiries. As Apple iPad specialists, they tend to revolve around the following scenarios.

Firstly, schools that are looking to equip a mobile classroom and the school pays the lease. So, typically, we would specify around 30 Apple iPads, complete with a charging and syncing trolley plus a MacBook to configure the iPads.

A HardSoft technician will install and maintain support then a trainer comes out to offer extra training for a larger body of staff. This is then put on an operating lease with a 3-year warranty and accidental damage cover for around £375 + vat per month for the package. The numbers of iPads can vary but essentially it is a school internal requirement.

Secondly, and usually where iPad’s have been in a school environment for some time, we are working with schools to look at providing iPads for all students in their school on a one to one scheme. Adopting the Parental Contribution Scheme also includes accidental damage cover and warranty, as well as GAP insurance to cover against lack of payment. This scheme is cost neutral to the school and light on administration but allows us to put a brand new iPad Air in a student’s hand for only £10 a month.

Is it more than buying?

NO. An operating lease offers better value and a cheaper repayment by up to 20% compared to purchasing directly from a supplier.

What sort of lease should I have?

There are now some very clear guidelines on this. While you may be offered two types of leases, HardSoft only offers a legally compliant Operating Lease. As part of this, the school rents the equipment and has no ownership rights at the end. DfE guidelines state:

“An Operating Lease is the only type of lease a School should enter into. These leases involve the School paying a rental fee for the hire of an asset for a period of time, and similar to a rental agreement. No other types of lease, such as a Finance lease or Hire purchase, may be entered into by the School as this is a form of borrowing” (Buy Goods Service section of Departments website).

However, some lease companies and other computer suppliers may offer you a finance lease. These are illegal for a school to commit to, the current DfE guideline states:

“All LA maintained schools are expressly forbidden from entering into any form of Finance Lease without the approval of the Secretary of State for Education. This constitutes borrowing and is prohibited under section 3.9 of the Local Authority Scheme for Financing Schools .” The Department for Education’s Guidance on the use of Leases by Schools
“Finance leases are borrowing, which is therefore illegal unless the Secretary of State has given written permission.” (Hertfordshire County Council)

What if I drop it?

We offer comprehensive accidental damage cover in all leases. In these instances, we may require an explanation and picture but a machine is repaired or replaced within 48 hours.

What happens at the end of the agreement?

Your school has the option to either return the equipment at the end of the lease term or if you are still using the equipment you can opt to extend the rental period by up to 12 months at a reduced rental cost.

Remember, under DfE guides, you are in an Operating lease that acts as a pure rental, not a loan. Under our Fair Use Policy, we expect all iPads to be returned to us with a reasonable amount of wear and tear, remember if your iPad is damaged within the lease period we will repair it for you free of charge.

Windows Laptops offer for Schools

Short term Laptop hire; then pay £50 to Own or we’ll pick them up…

Dell Vostro 5481 Laptops – i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 14’’ Display, Win 10 Pro

from £13 per week each, then own for £50 or cancel for free.

HardSoft is an Authorised stockist for the top PC manufacturers including HP, Microsoft Surface, Dell, Lenovo & many more. Whilst we have seen the Apple iPad change the classroom and improve mobility, the Windows device is still invaluable.

HardSoft’s Leasing solution for schools offer you a way to get the latest Windows PC technology into your classroom, knowing they have a full technical support package and 3-year No-Quibble Warranty covering all parts and labour.

In fact, leasing offers you a low-cost way to introduce new IT into the school and ensures you have no hidden costs for a full 3 years. Hardsoft offer leasing on a full range of PCs for your school and have partnered with Microsoft to assist with training in schools. These leases all come with the benefits of our 3-year “swap out” warranty and every machine includes Accidental Damage Cover to cover spills or accidental damage.

PC pricing is also cheaper Apple Macs, and there is a larger selection of add-on peripherals such as printers and screens as there are many more manufacturers making compatible items for PCs.

In addition, we will offer a full installation service, if needed, and for quantity orders of over 20 machines, we can start to look at some larger discounts for you.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss alternative specifications then either click on our web chat below or email

HP 250 G7 i5 Laptop Leasing for Schools

Equipped as standard with Intel-Core i5 8th gen processor, 8GB RAM & 15.6″ Display the HP 250 G7 Notebook PC is perfect for Schools and Institutions to have on-site IT equipment for both Teachers & Students. The HP 250 G6 sets a benchmark for both affordability & performance, providing all necessary functionality & more for an entry-level Laptop. Learn more

HP Chromebook 14A G5 Laptop Laptop Leasing for Schools

Start experiencing more and doing more with the HP Chromebook 14A G5 laptop. With plenty of performance, all day battery life and entertainment features like the Audio by B&O PLA, your school can benefit from teaching with the perfect laptop. Power your device or connect to an external display from just one USB-C port. Learn more

Short Term Hire For Schools

In these challenging times, we are now offering a short term lease hire plan for schools. We offer the Dell Vostro 5481 offers an i5 8th gen processor, 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM so your students are able to take their lessons at home and with ease. Learn more

Key benefits of our lease

We offer better value for money than local Government funding rates or other borrowings, as less than 90% of the equipment is cost financed.

Match lease term to use of the equipment, i.e. no long-term loans to pay for equipment used over the short term.

Allows the user to create leasing profiles matched to budgets i.e. annual, quarterly, monthly or by term.

Complies, where applicable, with Local Education Authority guidelines on lease tests.

Encourages the discipline of keeping a modern ICT infrastructure to ensure your local school keeps pace with continuing technological advances.

Aids schools in acquiring the ICT they need as opposed to the ICT that they can afford.

Maintains your devolved formula capital as the monthly payments can be treated as operating expenditure.

Benefits of leasing computers for schools

There are so many benefits of leasing technology it is no wonder that it’s growing in popularity.

HardSoft is an educational leasing company offering your school an operating lease that is compliant with the Department of Education. We very much tick all the boxes of their stipulations for leasing. In choosing HardSoft, you enter into a partnership with an expert IT company with years of experience who are also a finance specialist.

Leasing through HardSoft is a very easy process. We are an Apple Authorised Reseller, Microsoft Business Partner, HP Preferred Partner and associates with many other companies such as Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba and Samsung. With all of these brands available on lease, we are able to help you find the right technology solutions for your school.
Our pricing is transparent and there are no hidden costs.

After discussing your needs, we can get you a no strings quote sent out very quickly. If you would prefer to have more than one package option that is no problem, we understand that there are a number of people involved in the decision-making process and that compromises often have to be made.

As we arrange the finance AND supply the equipment it is a seamless transaction.

Once the package is decided upon and signed off, we will deal with all of your paperwork. We will only need a signature to complete the process and this can be done physically via mail or electronically using eSign.

Together we will agree on a date for delivery. One of our highly trained technicians will come to your school to install your devices. If you have leased a class set of iPads, for example, we will show your IT person how to charge, sync and purchase apps. Don’t worry, if you forget, we are on hand with our telephone support throughout the duration of the lease help with reminders and problem-solving. Logging on remotely to your computers means that we can be available when the time best suits you.

Now that you have your equipment, you may need some training. One of our dedicated school support trainers will come and run an inset day or twilight session/s to fit into your timetable. Each session is bespoke to best address the needs of your staff. Depending on how confident you are with your devices, we will be on hand to bring you all up to speed. The documents and presentations will be given to the school to roll out to students and to refer back to.

Apple iPad leases also come with FREE rugged cases and Accidental Damage Cover. This means that you are not liable for any broken screens or damaged devices. They will be repaired free of charge and in a timely manner to keep all student devices up and running. We expect cases to be used at all times to safeguard your device. Fair Use Policy.

There are no hidden costs! With our free technical support, accidental damage and training, you are fully covered.

Equipment Renewal/ Upgrade – our normal lease is capped at a 3-year term. However uniquely, on any HardSoft Lease, we will offer a renewal after only 2 years. At this point in the lease, we will provide an option to take back the old iPads and cancel the original lease, leaving you free to take a new lease on the latest model. If you wish to keep the original iPads you can, but there would be a small cost to do this that we can add to the lease.

Once your lease has made term, you will be required to return the devices. The operating lease that is available for school is not a purchase agreement. The residual value of the device is deducted from the cost of the lease, which is why it is so much cheaper than buying.

Leasing computers makes great financial sense

Leasing your IT means that you do not have to lay out essential resources on technology upgrades. Spreading the cost enables you to utilise funds elsewhere. We can also defer payment to suit your needs. You can take delivery of your devices and defer your first installment for 3 months.

Established since 1983 HardSoft Computers are a one-stop solution for all of your technology and leasing needs. As computer specialists, we have spent many years training our technicians to a very high standard with expert knowledge and authorisation on both PC and Apple platforms. Also as a licensed credit broker with the Financial Conduct Authority, we provide operating leases via underwriters who conform and are members of the Finance and Leasing Association (FLA).

We provide a complete and seamless service; you will also find our packages are far more cost-effective than buying. We have helped many schools to realise their technology potential and we understand how, as a school, you operate and your needs.

Apple iPad leasing for Schools

HardSoft educational leasing allows your school to access the most up to date iPads at a fraction of the cost of owning them.

Tablet technology has changed the way we work, play and most recently, learn.

Teaching with iPads allows students to use handheld devices that are powerful creative tools, fully interactive & allow teachers full control over their student’s workflow. With the introduction of iPads for Schools, Apps have begun to introduce endless learning possibilities. HardSoft educational leasing allows your school to access the most up to date iPads at a fraction of the cost of owning them.

In our iPads for schools, we have put in FREE 2GB Mobile Data for pupils so they can use their iPads on the go without having to use Wi-Fi. HardSoft understand just how important it is for students to everything they need for their school work for maximum productivity.

Teaching has been updated, handheld devices are the future & the present. Creative tools that allow fully interactive learning with a plethora of Apps for endless & exciting learning possibilities.

Students understand iPads and how to use them, handheld devices are part of our every day and with build in features like the HD camera, learning both in & out of the classroom is no longer just an idea. iPad’s are available for Schools, Academies, Colleges & Universities to lease from HardSoft with prices starting from just £2.95 per week. 

We are Apple Approved Re-Sellers. Each iPad leased comes with HardSoft’s comprehensive Insurance & Warranty, Accidental Damage Cover, I-Blazon Protective Case & Installation. Training options are also available to make sure your Teachers & Students get the most out of your new iPads.

HardSoft leasing gives your school to access the most up to date iPads available at a fraction of the cost of ownership giving your institution access to premium hardware without constricting your budget. 

All students understand iPads and how to use them and, with built-in features like the HD camera, learning is no longer limited to just the classroom.

iPads with FREE 2GB Mobile Broadband

For schools who require iPads, we have introduced a lease where you can get an iPad for your students with FREE 2GB Mobile Broadband Data SIM for 12 months PLUS you can also lease 30 x iPad Trolleys that will give you a storage solution for your iPads. Your students can now use their iPads on the go and not have to rely on Wi-Fi. This makes it easier for your pupils to learn and get their school work as easily as possible when they are not in school. HardSoft understand just how important it is for students to everything they need for their school work for maximum productivity.

The Apple Schoolwork app lets teachers easily assign anything from worksheets to activities in educational apps, see student progress, and collaborate with students in real time. Find out more below.

Getting Started with SchoolworkDownload

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Computer leasing and IT hire from HardSoft

Apple iPad Leasing for Schools Including I-Blason Protective Case - £2.95 + VAT per week
x30 User Apple Learning Lab Leasing for School for £86 + VAT Per Week
HP 250 Laptop leasing for schools - £2.95 + VAT per week

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