Samsung Leasing Solutions

Puchasing IT equipment

Traditionally, a business would purchase IT equipment outright, but there are drawbacks to this. 

Computers are expensive, depreciate rapidly, and need replacing. Then there’s the cost of repairs and the logistics of getting equipment to your remote staff… There is a better way!

Why choose leasing?

By leasing your business’s IT equipment, you avoid the upfront cost, making smaller monthly cash-flow friendly payments instead for the latest devices!

Leasing with HardSoft also provides access to warranty, technical support, and zero-touch deployment, so you don’t have to worry!

Why choose a Samsung?

Power your creativity! Samsung laptops are thin, light and powered by 11th Gen Intel CPUs.

Enjoy excellent battery life from the same charger as your Samsung phone! Want a laptop or 2-in-1? An AMOLED FHD display? LTE connectivity Samsung Galaxy Books offers something for everyone!

Try both!

Switching to Samsung? Taking your first steps towards leasing IT equipment? HardSoft is here to help! 

Our team of experts can help you with all your tech needs, and we have a range of leasing solutions to suit every business! Only pay for what you use, and enjoy upgrades to the latest equipment!

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