PureFive – Affordable device leasing over five years

PureFive is long term affordability with short-term flexibility. This means that the standard five years can be reduced to three years when you add the break clause option at checkout. Return, or purchase your devices for fair market value, at the end, and save up to 30% more over our Flexi solution.

What is PureFive?

PureFive is our most affordable and sustainable solution.

With PureFive, your business can spread the cost of high-end devices over five years, with ongoing support and the choice to either return or purchase devices for fair market value at the end of the term.

Our most eco-friendly solution

By almost halving your potential device refresh cycle, PureFive takes the crown as our most eco-friendly solution.

With PureFive, your business can truly get the most out of their devices for their entire lifecycle, which is good for both your budget and for the environment.

pure5 our most eco friendly solution
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Optional break clause at three-year mark

If you need a little bit more flexibility, but still want the affordability and sustainability of PureFive, you have the option to include a break clause at the three-year mark for a minimal extra cost.

This clause would allow you the choice to cancel your agreement after three years if your needs change.

Support included for the full 5 years

Silver support is included in your PureFive agreement, covering your devices for the full five-year term.

This service includes a five-year hardware warranty, tech support from our Microsoft certified engineers, both from our ticket-based helpdesk and our online support portal, loan devices should you need any repairs, and Apple Business Manager enrolment.

Apple Business Manager with pure five

Pure and PureFive Compared

Max Term LengthOptions to Change DeviceAdd Devices at AnytimeCancel ContractOwnership OptionLowest Cost Per Month
3 Years cancel check_circle cancel check_circle
5 Years cancel check_circle radio_button_checked
Option to add 3-year break clause