Network Printer Leasing

For use in an office environment, a lot of printers have fairly standard features you would expect to see. Things like the number of pages per minute (ppm), whether it prints single sided or double, the maximum amount of paper you can store, the dots per inch (dpi) for quality and whether it has a hard drive (hdd) for storage are tweaks to the standard that help you decide on the one for you. Where HardSoft can really help is in the basics – reliability, waste reduction, low running costs and environmental friendliness. 

We have sold printers from a wide variety of manufacturers over the last twenty plus years, but ultimately KYOCERA and XEROX have proved at every turn to be the best across these criteria – the proof is in the eating though, and we at HardSoft only use these brands for the network printers in all of our offices.

See below for our most popular network printers - if the machine you require is not shown give us a call or have a chat to our online product professionals.

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