Printer Leasing

A FACT OF LIFE – the majority of offices we have worked with have a disused printer collecting dust in the corner, or tucked away in a corridor or store room.

Business users complain more about printers than their computers........

      "Well, it did what it was meant to do when it was bought, but no longer does.".......Printer Leasing

      "When it was bought, we researched the companies printing needs and tried to project these into the future.".....

      "We looked into the reliability of thebest models and the cost of extended warranty if things went wrong."......

      "We wrote out a big fat cheque to buy the printer that best matched our needs.".......

      "It is going to cost us time and money to scrap the old printer, so we tuck it away as an emergency backup printer – what other                choice do we have?" 

Save money in operating costs; lease a new colour laser or inkjet printer from HardSoft. Remote monitoring, support, warranty and an option for an inclusive toner package.

FIXED COST PRINTING FROM HARDSOFT - Get a printer supplied, installed, networked with your office PCs, maintained and even with toner supplied, all for a fixed cost that attracts 100% tax relief. Then there is the option to return it at the end of the lease; retain it and pay the princely sum of £1 to own it, or renew the lease and upgrade to a new printer (and if you do, we’ll even take the old printer away to stop it cluttering your corridors or gathering dust in the corner, because our warranty includes a loan machine comparable to your current printer) - THAT is what we call CHOICE

Kyocera network printer leasing

PRINTER RANGE - If you don’t consider yourself a ‘Printer Expert’ then it should make sense that the ongoing health of your printer is outsourced to HardSoft, leaving you to concentrate on what you do best – but that still leaves the research into which of the myriad printers to plump for initially? Well HardSoft can help there also.

NETWORK PRINTERS - For use in an office environment, a lot of printers have fairly standard features you would expect to see. Things like the number of pages per minute (ppm), whether it prints single sided or double, the maximum amount of paper you can store, the dots per inch (dpi) for quality and whether it has a hard drive (hdd) for storage are tweaks to the standard that help you decide on the one for you. Where HardSoft can really help is in the basics – reliability, waste reduction, low running costs and environmental friendliness. We have sold printers from a wide variety of manufacturers over the last twenty plus years, but ultimately KYOCERA have proved at every turn to be the best across these criteria – the proof is in the eating though, and we at HardSoft only use KYOCERA as the network printers in all of our offices. 

Epson large format printer leasing

LARGE FORMAT PRINTERS - Network Printers tend to print up to A3 size maximum, but once you get beyond that, the printing gets a bit more specialised. If you need printers for CAD, fine art reproduction, signage or even pro photography then the HP and EPSON range of LARGE FORMAT PRINTERS has become the preferred choice of those in the know. We can provide other makes like CANON or HP DesignJet, but we think you will be impressed with the EPSON range.

Makerbot 3D printer leasing

3D PRINTERS - Until recently 3D printing was thought to be futuristic, unreal and not at all possible. Now the future is here and on a budget affordable to all business users. Since only 2010 the technology has become faster and cheaper. A £20,000 3D printer in 2010 is now available for less than £1,000. The newest breed of 3D printers are Wifi enabled and allow you to purchase pre made 3D models. With the use of a 3D  scanner you can then scan your products and reproduce them at a touch of a button.

Network Printers

  • All Network Printers
    Network Printers

    Whether you print ten pages a day or one hundred we can tailor a printer package for you. We really help in the basis of printers - reliability, waste reduction, low running costs and environmental friendliness and can even add a toner package, leaving nothing for you to worry about.


  • Kyocera Printers
    Kyocera Printers

    Kyocera Mita are the leader in the latest colour printing and you can now lease them from HardSoft that includes support & warranty with options for an Inclusive Toner Package.


  • Xerox Printers
    Xerox Printers

    Xerox are leaders in the latest in colour printing and you can lease their printers from HardSoft with support & warranty.


  • HP Printers
    HP Printers

    HP is renowned as one of the leading competitors in office printing world. HardSoft are proud to make available for lease the HP Officejet range! Lease today and get not only your product but also our three-year warranty and UK based technical support.


Large Format Printers

  • All Large Format Printers
    Large Format Printers

    Need to print bigger than A3 - then these machines are for you. Allowing you to print CAD, fine art reproduction or signage, these printers are for those that require specialized printing.


  • Epson Printers
    Epson Printers

    All Epson large format printers are designed to deliver prints at a high speed without compromising the quality, producing stunning works of art both on paper and canvas media. Take one on a lease today and it could revolutionise your in house printing.


  • HP Designjet Printers
    HP Designjet Printers

    HP Designjet large-format printers will aid and improve your design work. Create prints on many different media's and the original HP inks deliver rich colours, sharp lines and intricate detailing. Now available on flexi-lease from HardSoft.


3D Printers

  • All 3D Printers
    3D Printers

    Make the unaffordable affordable by taking these futuristic 3D printers on a Hardsoft Flexi Lease. Not only will you get a super powered printer you will also have accessibility to our technical support team and a full installation service.


  • Makerbot 3D Printers
    Makerbot 3D Printers

    Super powered printers that will not cost you a super amount of money if taken on a HardSoft Flexi lease. Call us today for a more in depth quote.


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