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PreLoved – HP Zbook FireFly 14

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PreLoved is our way of giving equipment a second life, a full circular IT solution.

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Elevate Your Business and lease the PreLoved – HP Zbook FireFly 14 with PreLoved

What is PreLoved? 

Discover the benefits of our Apple & Windows PreLoved range, giving devices a second life while providing exceptional value for your business. With our PreLoved leases, enjoy Silver Support for three years and automatic ownership at the end of the term. Rest assured, all our PreLoved units undergo rigorous inspection, wiping, and restoration to factory settings. 


Give old hardware a new lease of life and contribute to both your finances and the planet’s health! By choosing PreLoved Three, you’re not only saving money but also making a significant environmental impact. Computer equipment is a major source of environmental waste, and by opting for PreLoved, you’re reducing the strain on the environment and helping to minimise the need for raw materials for new computers. 

Where do we source PreLoved devices from? 

Our PreLoved Apple and Windows devices have been returned by our customers at the end of their own lease solutions. For example, our Flexi solution allows customers to change, or cancel their equipment after two years based on their needs, meaning we have a steady supply of machines, often just 24 months old. While these machines are in excellent condition, they are no longer required by the customer at that time. Once we receive their equipment back, we wipe all the data, restore it to factory settings, and ensure the device still performs at its high level. 

Perfect for Startups: 

Managing your startup’s funds wisely is crucial for growth, and our PreLoved devices offer an excellent solution. While they may not be brand new, they are in excellent condition and provide access to powerful, top-tier equipment at a fraction of the price. With Pre-Loved, startups can invest more in other areas of their business, leveraging high-quality tech without the high prices. Give a device a second life and maximize your startup’s potential without breaking the bank. 

Choose PreLoved for a sustainable and affordable way to get the tech you need into your business.  

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