Give a device a second life with PreLoved

HardSoft’s PreLoved devices are available at a cheaper rate and on an 18-month term! This range is ideal for businesses such as start-ups looking for a cheaper alternative to their tech needs. PreLoved equipment may be pre-owned, but they come with first-class performance, guaranteed! HardSoft’s PreLoved machines also come with included warranty for the entirety of your 18-month contract, and automatic ownership of the equipment at the end of the lease!

Our PreLoved Mac and PC range is made up of devices and equipment that has returned by our customers at the end of their Flexi-Lease solution. This solution allows customers to keep, change, or cancel their equipment after 2 years depending on their needs. As a result, some of the kit we lease is sent back to us. The machine will be in excellent condition, but just no longer required by that customer at that particular time. Once we receive their equipment back we wipe all of the data, restore it back to factory settings, and ensure the device still performs at its high level.

It’s not just your finances you’ll be looking after. There are also huge environmental benefits to leasing a PreLoved device! Computer equipment is a massive source of environmental waste, and by choosing PreLoved, you give a device a second life, reducing the strain on the environment to harness more raw materials for new computers! Save money, save the planet.

Preloved MacBook Pro 13

PreLoved MacBook Pro 13″ for just £7.35 per week!

Model: MacBook Pro (2015)
Display: 13″
CPU: Core i5 2.9GHz
Storage: 256GB SSD
GPU: Intel Iris 6100

PreLoved MacBook Air 13

PreLoved MacBook Air for £8.58 per week!

Model: MacBook Air (2017)
Display: 13.3″ LED
CPU: Core i5 1.8GHz
Storage: 128GB SSD
GPU: Intel HD 6000

Preloved iMac 21

PreLoved iMac 21″ for £10.56 per week!

Model: iMac (2017)
Display: 21″
CPU: Core i5 2.3GHz
Storage: 1TB SATA
GPU: Intel Iris Plus 640

Preloved MacBook Pro 15

PreLoved MacBook Pro 15″ for just £18.75 per week!

Model: MacBook Pro (2017)
Display: 15″
CPU: Core i7 2.9GHz
Storage: 500GB SSD
GPU: Radeon Pro 560

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