Phones for Teams

A single-source solution for all your smartphone needs

Business mobile phones are great for boosting effective collaboration between your teams and clients, and with Phones For Teams, your business has access to a wide selection of smartphones from industry leading manufacturers, such as Apple, Samsung, Google and Fairphone, along with unrivalled, expert support.

The terms of your Limitless SIM plan, along with your phones, rates, data, and roaming charges are clearly communicated, and your dedicated account manager will be on hand to ensure Phones for Teams always works for your business. What’s more, you get financing, support, zero-touch deployment and more, all from a single, trusted provider.

Tom explains HardSoft’s Limitless Sim Plans on Phones for Teams.

An end-to-end solution

Switching to Phones for Teams is completely faff-free. We’ll ensure that all data, emails and photos are all safely transferred to your new phones, and your employees can even keep their numbers by texting PAC to 65075 to get a code to send over to us. There’s absolutely zero risk in moving over to our end-to-end solution.

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Transparent SIM plans

Limitless is our own flexible data plans which align to your business needs, letting you change things easily and without penalty.

Expert support

Our support team will set up and deploy your devices, and be on hand to solve any issues with your device, plan, SIM, roaming rates, or bill.

Straightforward financing

Phones for Teams streamlines the process with simple monthly payments coming from a single provider.

The latest smartphones

With Phones for Teams, you’ll always have access to the latest smartphones on the market.

Limitless sim plans

From just £4.50 per week, we offer 12 and 24 month SIM plans which give you a flexible and simple way to deploy the latest mobile phones into your business, without having to go to a third party for financing, billing, deployment, or support.

short term plans SIM card icon

Short-term plans

12 and 24 month business plans with free cancellation*

Unlimited data icon

Unlimited data

Unlimited standard texts, standard minutes, and data on all plans

international icon and £5 money

EU roaming

EU roaming included as standard on all plans

eu roaming icon, plane and smartphone

International option

International roaming for £5 per day

internation saver, get discounts

International Saver

Optional discount on calls & texts to international destinations for 77p / week

Learn more about Limitless

Stay on top of your game with the latest business phones

iphone phones with phones for teams

iPhone blends style with unrivalled user experience and super-fast performance. Perfect for any business.

Samsung phones with phones for teams

Security and device management, paired with rugged hardware. Galaxy phones are great for business.

Fairphone phones with phones for teams

Your sustainable credentials will be boosted the most eco-friendly and sustainable phone on the market.

Boomerang: Reprovision your smartphones

When people come and go at your business, it’s often a pain to recover their old devices and get them ready for the next user.

Fortunately, our Boomerang service handles everything you need to repurpose the devices in your business. From collection, formatting the data, configuration and deployment to new users, without you ever having to see the device.

retrovision your phones with hardsofts boomerang service
trade in old phones for cash

Trade in your old devices

Get money off your Phones for Teams devices and SIM plans when you trade in your old Mobile and Computer devices.

We’ll provide a valuation for any 2018 Intel Mac model or newer, and then give you cash or add the value to something brand new.

Don’t let the value in your old devices go to waste, get in touch today to trade them in and give your business a boost.

SafeGuard Protection cover on all devices

Damage or theft doesn’t have to ruin your week, not when you choose SafeGuard.

Our optional protection cover gets you back up and running with a loan device while we carry out repairs or order a replacement.

get safeguard cover with phones for teams

Phones for Teams FAQs

That is certainly possible and it’s really easy. To switch and transfer your existing number, we just need your PAC code. You request this by sending a message from your existing phone and contract. Nothing happens when you request the code itself, but with your permission when we use the PAC code. You don’t need to worry about calling your old network and going through any hassle.

Follow these steps to get your code:

Text ‘PAC’ to 65075. Your current network will immediately text back with your PAC code or instructions on how to get one. Let us know the PAC code and choose a date for the number to be transferred to your new Sim card.

You’ll never be without your number as it’s a direct move from your old Sim to new Sim. If you’d like to start using your new phone immediately, your old Sim will still work with any handset that we provide. Pop the Sim in your phone and it’s all sorted.

When the new Sim card arrives, it will initially hold a generic number until the transfer is completed. You can choose to use this on your device before your existing number transfer is complete (Make sure your Whatsapp is fully backed up in the original phone as attempting to use Whatsapp with the generic number will not display your original chats. Once your original number is back on the device, Whatsapp will prompt you to restore the data)

Transparency is important to us so we apply a spending cap to all numbers as standard, though this can be adjusted to suit your needs. A cap will ensure you can avoid additional charges unintentionally. It will also give you a buffer if you need to call chargeable numbers or even make charitable donations via a text.

Convenience, Flexibility, Clarity, Support and Reliability